Sunday, July 31, 2011

"To be or not to be"
This is what G was chattering to herself as we were driving in the car today. It must have been on one of her cartoons or something. Maybe Little Einsteins??? Dunno. But it was sure funny to hear our little 3 yr old quoting Shakespeare :-)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

More morning pix
Simple dress --another of our $8 Baby Gap finds-- paired with G's bling picks of the day: glittery light up pink shoes, princess necklace and plastic bracelet. Oh yeah! Pictures are of G doing her very creative dance moves... I think its ballet :-)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My mom and I did last year's season at the Pantages. This year I was excited to see that they'd be doing Shrek. G really likes Shrek and she's done so great at the local shows and really enjoyed them. As a result I felt comfortable taking her to this show.

Of course we got a special dress ;-) and a matching clippie ;-) G really loved the dress because it TWIRLED! G is a big time twirler. She pretty much insists on wearing a twirly dress every. single. day.

It was a super big day. We started at 8:45 with dance class, then ran errands, came home and met with a painter, then got ready to go, hopped in the car, told G to close her eyes while we drove, made a stop on the way to LA to pick something up we'd ordered earlier in the month and finally arrived at the theater about 45 mins early for our matinee. Whoo. I was exhausted.

G was happy she was able to get a Shrek ears headband. It was free, thank goodness. I would never have been willing to pay the asking price of $15!! She wore it for about, ummmm, 5 mins. Then she was done. I did break down and buy her the Gingerbread Man puppet. Bobby thought it was a total ripoff and I was cuckoo but G loved it! She hugged it and played with it through the whole show and, in the days since, "Ginger" has made it to the highest echelon of stuffed animalhood: being chosen as one of the three elite night night stuffies! Wow. Who's the cuckoo now, huh??

The show itself was great! The costumes were fantastic, the actors talented and resulted in lots of laughs! G said her favorite part was "Princess Fiona singing." My favorite part was definitely the stage-sized dragon puppet. It was controlled by 4-6 (couldn't tell for sure) puppeteers. Awesome!!

After such a big day, I wasn't sure if a dinner ressie would be pushing it with G. She was going on about a 45 or so minute nap. But, when I'd mentioned to her earlier in the week the possibility of going to a "fancy dinner" she was super excited. G likes anything "fancy." We went to The Grill which is quickly becoming my favorite place to eat. Its really nice but surprisingly kid friendly with crayons, booster seats and a kids menu. G had what looked like the world's most fantastic grilled cheese sandwich and got to drink water out of a wine glass shaped water goblet. Oh yeah, she was in heaven.

G felt really special in her Shrek set
She engaged in much pre-show twirling

I seriously loved this hairbow. It might be my favorite ever!

No words necessary for this pic

Finally arrived in grubby Hollywood.

The bartender offered to take this photo for us. Other than some weird bang issue on my part its a pretty nice shot of the 3 of us... not easy to accomplish.

G doing a puppet show with Ginger at intermission

Second attempt at a cute family shot... seriously, what was up with my bangs???

On our way to dinner I saw that Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum had this big Shrek thing out front. How perfect was that! We braved the 1/2 block walk (which takes 5 mins because of the crowd) down Hollywood Blvd on a friday night at 6:30 to take a few pix with Shrek. If you've never done this, its an experience easily missed. Its super crowded, the crazies and faux characters taking tourist pix for $3 a shot are out in force, and there are usually a few slightly frightening probably homeless people hanging about doing something shocking enough to attract attention in hopes that change will be dropped in their styrofoam cup. So, "Why do it?" you might ask. Did you see the size of that Shrek thing?? Totally worth it :-)

An overall fantastic day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

School stuff
G is absolutely loving her summer school program! Each morning the first thing she asks me is "Am I going to school today mama?" and when I confirm that, yes, it is a school day she says something like "YEAH!!! I love my school mama!" So cute and, truthfully, such a relief. I was so worried that she wasn't going to be happy there but she's done great.

I really like her teachers. They're all super nice and calm --very important when dealing with G-- and they seem to really get Georgie. G is, as is usual for her in new situations, super quiet at school. Thankfully, they haven't pushed her instead allowing her to just watch and listen while she warmed up. It worked! In fact, this morning her teacher advised me that yesterday was the first time that G said anything more than a few word response to a direct question. She actually called her a little chatterbox. You got it, 4.2 weeks into a 5 week program, my dear sweet little girl finally felt comfortable enough to talk to the teachers. Progress!

She'll be back at the sitter's for 5 weeks before starting the official preschool program in september. It will be interesting to see if it takes her as long to warm up next time :-)

The theme for the summer program is Great Chefs so most of the activities are food related. Each week there is a food group sub theme and then they make food each day that falls into the theme: grains (toast, muffins) fruits (smoothies), veggies (carrot slices, ants on log), dairy (yogurt parfaits, grilled cheese), protein (pigs in a blanket, eggs in a nest). G's really enjoyed going into school each day and checking the menu to see what they would be making. And she's actually learned quite a bit! The other day she was telling me all about milk coming from the cow udders and how it gets made into butter and cheese. Its really neat to see her learning and enjoying it so much!

G in her chef hat. She was incredibly proud of this hat! Showing off her "art." How funny is that expression??
was the next in the children's series at the local theater. For community theater, it was really well done. I was pretty impressed. The little girl who played Annie sang so well she could have been on Broadway. The rest of the performance was good but Annie was a wow! G liked it. She got a bit tired during part of the second act --it was a long play, almost 3 hrs --but for the most part she liked the songs and seemed to follow the story pretty well.

Afterward G said her favorite part was where Annie found Sandy the dog.

G with Annie and Miss Hannigan --who was a riot!

Sandy was G's favorite character!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home improvements
I've been wanting to change our door since we moved in. I'm not sure why our perfectly acceptable stock builder door bugged me so much but it did. I searched and looked for the door I wanted for a long time before figuring out that what I wanted is not available. OK, not entirely true. You can have it custom made but O.M.G!!! its freaking pricey like you wouldn't believe so that was out. I was finally able to customize a stock door with additional trim and upgraded glass and the result is pretty close to what I had envisioned. We encountered several issues between ordering and final installation including the supposed oh-so-professional door company ordering the door backwards (insert slap on forehead and Homer Simpson "DOH!!" here) but now that its all said and done, I'm super happy with it!

Of course, as I stood in front of my house admiring the new door, I realized immediately that our exterior trim needs painted.... its always something :-)

Here's the before:
No way I'd post pictures of just a door, not with cute little G jumping around yelling "take my picture mama!" OK sweets. You make that door look GOOD!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tiny Dancer
I finally got the pix and video from G's dance recital she was in a few weeks ago. The $35 video that I bought from the dance studio had a grand total of about 2.5 secs of G on it. Very disappointing. Good thing we're such rule breakers and had no problem smuggling in a video camera and catching G on tape even after being told about 20 times that video taping was not allowed. Seriously, what were they going to do? Send the dance recital police in to tackle us?? I would have been mucho mad if we had no video of her performance which is funny as heck if you ask me.

I had to exercise my internet skills and upload the video to youtube. Not hard really but still new for me. The video is embedded below. I can't figure out why the video box is so large on my blog though... if anyone knows how to fix that can you tell me? Anyway, I think my little lollipopper did a pretty good job and she was so, so proud and happy. I was a bit surprised by how excited she was about doing that performance. I think its the most excited she's ever been in her whole little life!

3 mos of dance lessons: $114
Recital costume: $50
Useless video of other people's children: $35
3 tickets to show: $45
Adorable photos: $40
Smile on G's face coming off stage = Priceless!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cinderella with friends!
G loves anything to do with princesses. Seriously, anything. They were doing Cinderella at the Candlelight Pavilion which is a dinner theater in Claremont. Super fun but even more fun when friends come along! Gracie, Becky, Sophie and Georgie seemed to really enjoy the show. Very well done with plenty of music. G particularly liked the ice cream sundae dessert which was accompanied by a glass slipper filled with candy sprinkles! Cindy and Prince Christopher (Prince Charming) were on hand afterward for pix.

G wore her Cinderella dress and her silver coach necklace we got from WDW last year. The dress is the closest I could find to the one that cinderella at disneyland wears. I looked for a long time (yes, I admit its a sickness :-) before I found this seller on etsy. Problem was she only offered adult dresses. I took a chance and emailed her figuring she either wouldn't want to make a dress for a child or that it would be prohibitively expensive but was happily surprised when she said yes and the price was quite fair.

All the effort was totally worth it. I think she really felt like a princess and I know she looked like one. What can I say? I'm constantly startled by just how beautiful she is. Not that I'm biased or anything :-)
Posing with "princess hands"
The gurlz!

This picture cracks me up! G makes this face all the time!

With Prince Charming and Cindy. A few of the girls were bothered that Cindy had brown hair instead of blonde and that her ball gown was white rather than blue. G didn't seem to care a bit.

How cute is this picture??? The girls (from left to right) Becky, Gracie, Sophie and G

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Choo Choo Soul
We really enjoyed Choo Choo Soul last year when they opened for the Imagination Movers so when we saw they were going to be at the La Mirada Playhouse we thought it seemed like something G would enjoy. G really likes their CD and we listen to it in the car a few days a week. Their music, along with the Movers, is among the more enjoyable children's music out there imo.

G was really excited about getting to meet Genevive after the show and in preparation drew her a picture. I wish I would have snapped a pic of it. It was supposed to be a picture of herself but it looked more like a blob with legs, REALLY big eyes and lots of hair :-)

The show was really cute. Genevive sings, of course, and DC does his beat boxing and break dancing stuff. They really encourage the kids to sing along and get up and dance and wiggle all about. G had a good time shaking her booty for most of the show although sometimes when they had the kids yell it was a bit too loud for her. She grabbed my hands a few times and held them over her ears.

About 10 mins before the show ended I suggested to Bobby that he go out to the lobby and get in line for the post show meet and greet. I figured he'd be the very first person out there and we'd beat the rush. When the show ended I hurried out to find that he was about 10th in line. A few mins later the line had grown to 100s and 100s of people all waiting with their toddlers to meet Genevive and DC. The theatre holds about 1200 people and I'm pretty sure they were all in line. Not kidding. I literally saw NO ONE going through the exits.

DC and Genevive are both super sweet to the kids and really represent Disney well. They didn't rush the line and took time to greet each child, sign an autograph and snap a photo. Great for the kids, not so great for the line. Like I said, we were about 10th in line and waited about 5-7 mins to see them. Not bad at all. And, when G gave Genevive her little picture she'd created, Genevive acted soooo happy. She showed it to DC and told him "look what she made for me." Then she told G "I love it, thank you!!" G was thrilled and talked about it several times that evening "Genevive loved my picture. She's going to put it in her treasure box." So cute!

Like I said, interaction with the kids was wonderful and much appreciated by our family but I felt really bad for the people at the end of the line. I'm sure it was a very long wait for them. We'll get another chance to see them when they come to Rancho Cucamonga. Their show is on the children's series at the local theater. We already have our tickets!

Monday, July 11, 2011

**Love, Peace, Joy **
The evening before going to do Brett's grad pix I thought "heck, we should do G's june photos too." But, what to wear?? Then I remembered this cute little tank and jewelry I bought for her last year but we never got to. Voila! Hippie theme! The crazy thing is that these might be some of my favorite pix of her ever. The only thing I don't like is how grown up she looks. Stay small Georgie, stay small :-)