Monday, January 31, 2011

The Character Hunters
Georgie loved the characters at WDW and she loves the characters at DL. We actually managed to get a couple disney trips in already and lots and lots of characters! Bobby's been working so much that, except once, its just been me and G. We have lots of fun though.

G waiting for the fairies. It turned out to be a LONG wait but G made herself comfy by taking a seat on a flower.
With Terence. G knew who he was immediately. She loves the Tink movies!

DL is doing these neat events called Family Fun Weekends that include lots of characters and themed music and activities. Great for character hunting. This is Western Pluto --hence the red bandana, I guess :-)
Jessie of course. Interestingly enough, Woody was there too but G said she didn't want to go see him. This was the most energetic character I've ever seen. She danced and jumped around, it was really cute.
A quick stop at the petting zoo. G could stay here all day.
With Clarabelle CowI think Goofy is G's current favorite! Its so funny to see little tiny G standing next to him. He's like 7 feet tall or something!
I loved western Mickey and Minnie together. So fun!
Daisy and Donald of course. I learned something interesting.... Daisy was originally named Donna. The name was changed after several years. Donna just does not sound right...
We ran into Cinderella's Fairy Godmother as we were on our way out.
These were taken the following weekend. The theme was Fan Favorites. Disney brought out a bunch of seldome seen characters for the occasion. We'd never done character autographs before (I always thought they were kind of silly) but the week before G saw another kid getting a siggie and asked me about it. She seemed interested so I bit the bullet and got her a little book (I kind of wanted to avoid it cuz I figure its just one more thing for me to haul around). She LOVED it!!! I do have to haul it around of course but I guess its worth it.
I love this pic in front of the White Rabbit's house. Sadly, moments after this was taken, G trippped over the curb and whacked her little face. I felt terrible. Poor thing.
With Sorcerer Mickey. I guess there are 4 in Mickey's house. We've seen this one and Hollywood. Not sure what the other two are. This is Esmerelda and Frollo from the Hunchback movie. Most of the kids were afraid of Frollo but not G... she actually hugged him. He seemed surprised!
It was so neat to see all the dwarfs (always spelled that way and not dwarves which is weird)
G really likes Pinochio. I guess the next day they had Gepetto too.
With the Peter Pan characters. Capt Hook is one of my fav's but I'm not sure why.The Evil Queen from Snow White. She was soooo into the character. I loved it! She told G to do "the pose" G looks like she's pouting but it still cracks me up!!
With two of the country bears, Liverlips and Shaker. I didn't know their names but they signed G's book.
With Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsefeathers (??) I'm not sure how of if they're supposed to be related in some way.
And finally King Louie and Baloo from Jungle Book. They were really funny and interacted with G a lot!

There were some other characters there too including most of the Alice and Wonderland crew: Alice, Mad Hatter, Red Queen, Tweedle Dee and Dum, White Rabbit. They were all together. Super cute. I didn't take pix but the disney photogs did so I won't get those til later.

Next weekend they're doing Lunar New Year so we'll be back to see what else they come up with!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Under the Sea
This past weekend, we were back at the El Capitan. This time it was for The Little Mermaid. G loves Ariel and the music of the movie (we have a CD we listen to in the car) but she'd never seen the movie. Its really fun to watch her experience these older movies for the first time. B and C used to watch the video when they were little so I've sort of half seen the movie dozens and dozens of times. But to G it was all new. She laughed, got a little scared and was really happy when the sea witch was finally conquered.

We did the Ariel breakfast before the movie. G donned her mermaid costume which she LOVED! So cute!! Bobby was supposed to go too but ended up having to work at the last minute --total bummer. My mom filled in last minute though so, once again, it was just the Gurlz.

In front of the sign at the H&H center.
This is the Mickey thing in front of the soda shop. Its become somewhat of a tradition for us to snap a pic here each time we go.
Ariel was set up to greet the kids as they came in. She was a really nice Ariel.
After a breakfast of Mickey Mouse waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage G was off to the official meet and greet.
Mommy got into the action. We're all doing our princess hands.
They had Ariel do a quick little intro to the movie on stage... her grotto rose from out of the stage. G was thrilled!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Biker chick
Bobby and I had decided that we were NOT going to get Georgie a bike with training wheels. I'd read several articles and been told by others that it was best to get your kid a balance bike. As it was explained to me, kids who use a balance bike learn to ride a regular bike so much easier and faster and plus, the balance bikes are safer. Very logical, decision made.

But then we were at that store and G saw this Rapunzel bike and it was purple with streamer things coming off the handle bars and G said "mama, a rapunzel bike! its purple!!!" All logic went out the window.

G loves riding her "big girl" bike around the neighborhood. These pix crack me up because seriously, why would anyone be riding a bike in a pink tutu and shiney silver shoes???

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Purple girl!
These are Georgie's birthday pix... yes I know her birthday was a few weeks ago but we've been so busy we didn't have time to do them til this past week. G had so much fun!!! She was giggly and smiley and goofing around. She really liked that pointy party hat but the strap went under her chin and she complained that it choked her. I tried to stretch the elastic to loosen it a bit when it snapped and popped her under the chin. Bad, bad mommy. I've never felt so awful in my life. After crying she recovered quickly but I still feel awful. Poor baby.

Even after being snapped with the chin strap, G still loved that hat. I told her we could throw that bad hat away but she said "no, I'll just hold it mama!" What a trooper.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Calendar Girl 2010: aka Pictorial Diary of the Tutu Two Year Old
Two was a great year for G! She has grown physically and emotionally at a stupendous rate. She just gets cuter and cuter every day. I'm so excited at her ability to express herself (and her sometimes strong 2 yr old opinions :-) Adorable!!!

January: G's birthday!
February: celebration of CNY
March: everybody's irish on St Pat's Day
April: Easter

May: April showers bring may flowers... G's tutu in a floral palette

June: This set had nothing to do with June... I just thought she looked cute in it!

July: My little firecracker!
August: summer fun
September: Classy little lady
October: Princess Cinderella costume for Halloween
November: Fall Fairy
December: Christmas elf

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Age of Aquarius
The theater season continues! Tonight, my mom and I went to our second show at the Pantages. This time it was Hair. We had a super nice dinner at a restaurant called The Grill at Hollywood and Highland. The place is very classy, kind of old school with dark wood but not at all stuffy. We both had butternut squash soup, scallops and grilled veggies. I topped it off a slice of super rich chocolate cake with strawberry sauce, and freshly whipped cream!!! Mom got carrot cake. Both were 2 die 4!!

The show was really good. The music, singing and dancing was awesome. Tons of audience interaction, dancing up the aisles, etc. At one point one of the actors actually came climbing over the seats back to the 11th row or so then stood up on the arms of the lady's seat behind us dancing like a crazy man. Wow! There is a point at the end of the first act where the full cast of actors drop their clothes and are completely nude onstage... apparantly. Oddly enough, I didn't even notice they were all nude!! My mom teased me a bit but, hey, it was dark. I dunno.

Anyway, it was a great evening. Great food, great entertainment and, as always, great company!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

O.M.G.... she's 3!
How did this happen? Even though I begged Georgie to stay 2 forever, she went ahead and got a year older anyway. Darn! Just kidding. I'm sure 3 will be just as great as 2 but I wish I could find someway to slow it down a bit. Its just going way too fast for me.

G loves to bounce and jump so a birthday party at the local bounce place was the plan. It must be a pretty popular choice --we went to another bouncer party the week before. G loves to talk about birthday parties and several months back I asked her what kind of a party she wanted to have. She replied "a purple birthday." Um ok. I kind of thought that as time went on she might come up with some character or something but no, "purple birthday" was all she'd ever tell me. So Purple Birthday it was!

The kids bounced, jumped and slid --many of the adults got in on the action too! Lots of fun was had while we celebrated G's completion of year 2 and beginning of year 3. Smile, wipe tear, sniff...

G had fun with all her friends. This is Cora
Mia (who will be a big sister in about 2 weeks!)
G in mid jump!
More friendsMommy decided that there had to be something other than just "purple" so we got a Rapunzel cake. G was super happy :-)
More friends, Ryan and mom Michelle
The whole crew making funny faces
Gracie looks like she's having fun
G wore one of her left over stick on face jewels from Disneyland and chowing down on some pizza
Blowing out the candles... I think I forgot to tell her she's supposed to make a wish...
Wearing the official birthday hat
G became fairly possessive of the throne near the end of the party. I think she started believing she really was royalty!

Happy Birthday baby girl!