Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home improvements
I've been wanting to change our door since we moved in. I'm not sure why our perfectly acceptable stock builder door bugged me so much but it did. I searched and looked for the door I wanted for a long time before figuring out that what I wanted is not available. OK, not entirely true. You can have it custom made but O.M.G!!! its freaking pricey like you wouldn't believe so that was out. I was finally able to customize a stock door with additional trim and upgraded glass and the result is pretty close to what I had envisioned. We encountered several issues between ordering and final installation including the supposed oh-so-professional door company ordering the door backwards (insert slap on forehead and Homer Simpson "DOH!!" here) but now that its all said and done, I'm super happy with it!

Of course, as I stood in front of my house admiring the new door, I realized immediately that our exterior trim needs painted.... its always something :-)

Here's the before:
No way I'd post pictures of just a door, not with cute little G jumping around yelling "take my picture mama!" OK sweets. You make that door look GOOD!

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