Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Choo Choo Soul
We really enjoyed Choo Choo Soul last year when they opened for the Imagination Movers so when we saw they were going to be at the La Mirada Playhouse we thought it seemed like something G would enjoy. G really likes their CD and we listen to it in the car a few days a week. Their music, along with the Movers, is among the more enjoyable children's music out there imo.

G was really excited about getting to meet Genevive after the show and in preparation drew her a picture. I wish I would have snapped a pic of it. It was supposed to be a picture of herself but it looked more like a blob with legs, REALLY big eyes and lots of hair :-)

The show was really cute. Genevive sings, of course, and DC does his beat boxing and break dancing stuff. They really encourage the kids to sing along and get up and dance and wiggle all about. G had a good time shaking her booty for most of the show although sometimes when they had the kids yell it was a bit too loud for her. She grabbed my hands a few times and held them over her ears.

About 10 mins before the show ended I suggested to Bobby that he go out to the lobby and get in line for the post show meet and greet. I figured he'd be the very first person out there and we'd beat the rush. When the show ended I hurried out to find that he was about 10th in line. A few mins later the line had grown to 100s and 100s of people all waiting with their toddlers to meet Genevive and DC. The theatre holds about 1200 people and I'm pretty sure they were all in line. Not kidding. I literally saw NO ONE going through the exits.

DC and Genevive are both super sweet to the kids and really represent Disney well. They didn't rush the line and took time to greet each child, sign an autograph and snap a photo. Great for the kids, not so great for the line. Like I said, we were about 10th in line and waited about 5-7 mins to see them. Not bad at all. And, when G gave Genevive her little picture she'd created, Genevive acted soooo happy. She showed it to DC and told him "look what she made for me." Then she told G "I love it, thank you!!" G was thrilled and talked about it several times that evening "Genevive loved my picture. She's going to put it in her treasure box." So cute!

Like I said, interaction with the kids was wonderful and much appreciated by our family but I felt really bad for the people at the end of the line. I'm sure it was a very long wait for them. We'll get another chance to see them when they come to Rancho Cucamonga. Their show is on the children's series at the local theater. We already have our tickets!

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