Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cinderella with friends!
G loves anything to do with princesses. Seriously, anything. They were doing Cinderella at the Candlelight Pavilion which is a dinner theater in Claremont. Super fun but even more fun when friends come along! Gracie, Becky, Sophie and Georgie seemed to really enjoy the show. Very well done with plenty of music. G particularly liked the ice cream sundae dessert which was accompanied by a glass slipper filled with candy sprinkles! Cindy and Prince Christopher (Prince Charming) were on hand afterward for pix.

G wore her Cinderella dress and her silver coach necklace we got from WDW last year. The dress is the closest I could find to the one that cinderella at disneyland wears. I looked for a long time (yes, I admit its a sickness :-) before I found this seller on etsy. Problem was she only offered adult dresses. I took a chance and emailed her figuring she either wouldn't want to make a dress for a child or that it would be prohibitively expensive but was happily surprised when she said yes and the price was quite fair.

All the effort was totally worth it. I think she really felt like a princess and I know she looked like one. What can I say? I'm constantly startled by just how beautiful she is. Not that I'm biased or anything :-)
Posing with "princess hands"
The gurlz!

This picture cracks me up! G makes this face all the time!

With Prince Charming and Cindy. A few of the girls were bothered that Cindy had brown hair instead of blonde and that her ball gown was white rather than blue. G didn't seem to care a bit.

How cute is this picture??? The girls (from left to right) Becky, Gracie, Sophie and G

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Tanya said...

We had a great time! Gracie loved the "jewels" that she got and made a craft with them. Thanks for inviting us to go.