Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween activities
we did lots of halloween stuff this year. It seems that fall activities are everywhere! One afternoon we dropped by the little event being put on by the local Henry's market. They had crafts, G was in heaven. Give the kid some markers, glue, paint and scissors and she is one happy camper.

This is G's creation. We named him Jack.

We also went to the Irvine Regional Park pumpkin patch. Its really fun! G always enjoys it because she loves the train.

G with her pumpkin of choice. I'm not sure what was so appealing about this particular gourd but she definitely wanted this one.

We were fortunate to be invited to a halloween party given by Ryan's mom, Michelle. It was so cute! Party games, snacks, and a pinata! G loves pinatas. Its a good thing there were some other kids there to break it open though because if everyone had to depend on G's strength to get it done, it would never happen. She walks up and just barely taps the pinata with the stick. Hardly a tap can be heard. I think she thinks she's really whacking it too. So funny. She is really good at picking up the candy that falls. She's actually pretty quick at that part.

The group shot. G was in a snit... can you tell??

Even chick fil a had a little halloween thing. Here's G painting a pumpkin. To me it just looked like some slapped on paint but G was very, very deliberate. Check out that look of complete concentration.

There was a costume contest too. Can you believe that the girl in the Queen of Hearts costume standing next to G didn't win???

I'm not sure what's up with this expression but its so funny!

G getting ready to get her trick or treat on. She did so well this year. We'd been practicing the process a bit... knock, knock. "Trick or treat" in a big voice. Open bag and accept treat. "Thank you" In practice, she had it down.
She was a bit tentative at the first house but once she realized that the candy thing really did work out... she was hooked!!! She was great about using her big voice, always remembered her thank you's and then would go running off to the next house saying "let's do another one!!!" Adorable!

After we did the 12 or so houses on our street, we came back home and G passed out treats to the kids who came to the door. I'm not sure which part she enjoyed more. Every time the doorbell rang she'd jump up and say "goodness gracious gosh. kids!" Then she'd pop a treat into each bag. She seemed to take this job very seriously making sure that each kid received exactly one treat.
Tutu two year old continues...
I've been super lazy about posting. I have excellent intentions then, inevitably, fall asleep or do something else. We've been super busy with outings practically every weekend day. And, even though my purse camera is broken I've been doing a pretty good job taking pix.

Someone asked me the other day if I stopped doing the tutu pix. Uh, no. I just haven't posted them. So here's Sept and Oct. Sept was supposed to be a second attempt at Daddy and Georgie pix but Bobby ended up having to work at the last minute and my super great coupon was expiring so it ended up being G solo. Oct is our Halloween pic. As you can see we got another wearing out of our Cinderella princess outfit from WDW so that made me super happy! Georgie has become quite cooperative for pix. She even allows the photog to pose her a bit without freaking out from someone touching her or getting into her personal bubble. My little girl is growing up (anyone have any ideas on how to stop that process?) Just kidding. I know she has to get bigger. I just wish I could figure out a way to slow it down.

These are the september pix. I know, not a true tutu, just a bit of tulle. But, it will have to do.

I absolutely adore the first Cinderella photo. Truly, could she be any more beautiful???

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theater season has begun!
My first play this year was one of my absolute fav's, Phantom of the Opera!! I scored some awesome 10th row center seats at the Pantages and ended up going with my friend Candy. She found us an oh so Hollywood italian place to catch a pre play meal... scrumptious but pricey. The menu was all in italian! good thing the server was super helpful or we may have just ended up with bread :-) The food was great, the play was fantastic as always and the company was the best! We finished up the night with late night chocolate fondue in Pasadena. So so fun!

So I decided to give the children's theater in our town a try. G's young obviously but she has developed a pretty good attention span for movies and I thought might be ready for live theater. The local theater is really nice and the tix are super cheap so I figured even if it didn't work out --which I was pretty sure it would --we could just leave.
Georgiana's first play was Lily's Purple Plastic Purse and she loved it! She paid attention to the story and seemed pretty into it. There was one slightly scary part --not really but anything even remotely scary is scary for G -- but I just held her hand and told her it would be OK and then it was. After the play a few of the characters come out so they can take pix with the kids. Sadly, my purse camera is broken and I hadn't thought to bring my big camera so no pix :-( memories will just have to be good enough for this one I guess. We have tix for another play in the children's series in a few mos. Yeah, at only 33 mos G is officially a patron of the arts!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess Birthday Party
G attended the birthday party of one of the girls in our Happy Mommys china IA group this weekend. It was a princess party. My girl loves princesses so she was excited to go. I was happy because we got to get another wearing out of our WDW princess outfits!!!

The birthday girl Gracie turned 4. There was a tea party with tea (strawberry lemonade), super cute PB&J sandwiches cut into crown shapes, cheese slices, and chocolate dipped strawberries! G was in hog heaven cuz she loves to eat.

This is Gracie's mom, Tanya, pouring the "tea" for each little princess Georgie love, love, loves cheese!
Posing with Cindy. Poor G was looking right into the sun
At one point, Cinderella poured a little glitter in the kids' hands and told them it was magic dust. G was very concerned about losing hers. She kept looking at it to make sure it was still there and OK. Mean mommy admission: I never let G have frosting. I'm hoping to avoid her getting a worse sweet tooth than she already has so I've always scraped it off. This time, I didn't scrape. I just let her have at it. Georgie really enjoyed her cupcake!!!
Frosting face!
Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Disney on Ice: Mickey's Magical Journey
To keep the Disney thing going... this past Sunday we went to another one of the Disney ice shows. I enjoyed this one more than the last for some reason. G liked it because she got to get a souvenir. We don't usually buy things when we go to these shows because its usually incredibly overpriced and the entertainment value of what they have available is pretty minimal. But they were having a promotion that included a mickey/minnie camera with each purchase. G was thrilled when we got to go up to the junk counter ... ahem souvenier table... and get something. She watched a great portion of the show through the lens of the disposable camera and every once in awhile snapped a picture of the ground or my shoes or whatever. Too funny! She loves to copy mommy and mommy takes lots of pix so she's fascinated by photography. So much so that I've been thinking about getting her a toddler friendly camera for christmas. Anyway... here's my one and only somewhat decent pic of G at the ice show. She's wearing one of her WDW outfits. Yeah!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Beauty and the Beast
is my all time favorite Disney movie. I've always been a Belle fan. And, I know its silly, but I get a little tear in my eye every time Beast presents Belle with the library. I first saw the movie about 19 yrs ago. I know because it happened to be Brett's very first movie seen in a theater. Since then I've seen it dozens of times and have most of the songs memorized! They were doing a special showing at El Capitan for the release of the new DVD package. (I'm not sure if they're showing it at other theaters or not??) Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take Georgie. This one was really fun because it was a sing along... all the songs included the lyrics sort of subtitled on the bottom of the screen and the audience was encouraged to sing. Of course, most of the kids in the audience were too little to really sing along but the moms, we were into it! So fun!

They had a breakfast with Belle at the soda fountain next door before the movie... cute! G and Bobby waiting to go in to breakfast. Each table had a rose. G loved it!
G's not quite tall enought to turn the handle of the penny smashers by herself... she loves to smash pennies though. What did they serve for breakfast? Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, of course!
This is G explaining to Belle that they'd met before, at WDW. Belle replied "ah yes, its lovely to see you again, princess"G loves princesses!
"When's the movie going to start???"
G loved wearing her princess dress! She also loves to look at pictures of herself. As I was posting this one she pointed and said "oooh, adorable!" Seriously, the kid cracks me up!