Monday, July 07, 2008

Referrals are on their way! Teeny tiny batch --they only did through 1/25. That means 5 calendar days but only 3 lids due to 1/21 and 1/22 being weekends with no families logged in. Whatever. I still get to take 5 paperclips off the paperclip chain and my number officially drops to 19 lids ahead of ours --minus 9 for cny which leaves us with 10! yes 10! real lids ahead of us.

Of course, no one knows what's happening with the olympics or anything else but, without a doubt, we are getting closer not further away. Its just crazy!

The other big positive is that my agency will be receiving referrals this time for their 1/24 lid families. That means, for my agency, we are the next log in group. As long as nothing weird happens with the olympics (again, anyone's guess) we should have our referral no later than november! I'm still hoping for sept (longshot) or october (it could happen) but, for sure, by november. We should at least have a pic of Baby G by christmas. How great is that???!!!