Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, it seemed as though things were going along "swimmingly"... we've been running around like crazy for the last several weeks ordering passports, getting fingerprinted, ordering marriage and birth certificates, writing checks, etc. Then when I faxed all our copies to the dossier consultant she found all sorts of problems with them. The most notable being that the medical evaluation report my doctor signed included a dreaded "abnormal." Damn. What this means is that although I have already made 6, yes 6!!! visits to this stupid doctor's office to get him to fill out all these forms correctly with no white out and all the spaces filled in... the form is completely useless. I'm going to have to go be tested again. This will mean at least another 3 visits to the doctor's office and probably another 2 weeks of time. Frustrating. Also, the DC (dossier consultant) pointed out to me that the file numbers on the background check and the county clerk statement that no files exist do not match. Thus creating more driving around chasing papers that everyone knows and admits do not exist. So like I said frustrated.

On the positive side I did receive my employment verification form from the firm today... they have been really great!! Not like Bobby's work who has been a total pain in the a**. They kept telling us that what we wanted them to put in the letter was impossible and illegal. I love that one. I really had to hold back from telling him that I work for one of the largest law firms in the state and they had absolutely no problems putting the language I requested.

I was really hoping to have all our documentation complete by this Sunday when the SW comes. They have promised me that once all our docs are together we can have a rough draft of our homestudy in 7-10 days!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

OK, lots of people are interested in how much this whole process costs and are afraid to ask. I know I was and I searched the internet to try to confirm the figures. The quick answer that everyone seems to give is, about $20,000. I have been very curious about how accurate that figure is so, I'm going to keep track of all the expenses and be fairly detailed if possible and we will see. I have a feeling that ours may go higher than average because we live in California where the homestudy fees are a LOT more than in other states.

I have to say, it bothers me tremendously when people say things about China "selling" their children. The huge majority of the costs (about 90%) are for things that are done here in the US and travel.

EXPENSES (to date):
$200 --Homestudy agency application fee
$2400--Homestudy agency fee
$500--Prepaid homestudy post placement fee
$218--Passport application fee including photos (2 x $109)
$130 --Live scan fingerprint fee (CA state req't) (2 x $65)
$126--Birth Certs --LA Cty for Susan(3), Brett(2) and Casey(2) ($18 ea)
$16--Birth Cerfificates --Michigan for Bobby(3)
$39--Marriage Certificates --San Bernardino Cty (3 x $13)
$80--Co payments for medical evaluations (4 x $20)
$200--Adoption agency-- Harrah's-- application fee
$1900--Harrah's 1st installment fee
$300--Harrah's dossier consultant fee
$30--Local background checks (2 x $15)
$20--Notary for background checks
$511--In state Dossier Consultant fee Papermidwife
$545--I600a filing fee (USCIS)
$140--USCIS fingerprinting fee (2 x $70)
$1900--Harrah's 2nd installment fee
$610--CCAA fee
$500--Post placement deposit to Harrah's (to be refunded when post placement reports completed)
$24--Passport photos for dossier
$545--2nd I600a filing fee (missed the free one by 21 days)
$210--2nd USCIS fingerprint charge (3 x $70) had to do Brett's this time also!
$30--2nd child abuse clearance (2 x $15)
$80--Co-payments for medical evals (4 x $20)
$620 --homestudy update and mileage
$32--fed ex homestudy to uscis
$32 --fed ex LOA to Harrah's
$260 --Visas (2x130)
$3789 --airfare to/from BJ, Nanchang to GZ, GZ to home with extra seat
$1199 --in China hotels in Nanchang and GZ
$3000 --orphanage fee
$345 --registration
$180 --Georgie's passport
$595 --Notary
$400 --Georgie's visa fee
$90 --Medical and visa photo
$500 --interpreter guide fee
$50 --wire transfer fee
$250 --in china transportation, shuttle/buses
$1384 --BJ tour/hotels/shows
$3500 --food, spending money, tips
$27,448 --Total