Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tiny Dancer
I finally got the pix and video from G's dance recital she was in a few weeks ago. The $35 video that I bought from the dance studio had a grand total of about 2.5 secs of G on it. Very disappointing. Good thing we're such rule breakers and had no problem smuggling in a video camera and catching G on tape even after being told about 20 times that video taping was not allowed. Seriously, what were they going to do? Send the dance recital police in to tackle us?? I would have been mucho mad if we had no video of her performance which is funny as heck if you ask me.

I had to exercise my internet skills and upload the video to youtube. Not hard really but still new for me. The video is embedded below. I can't figure out why the video box is so large on my blog though... if anyone knows how to fix that can you tell me? Anyway, I think my little lollipopper did a pretty good job and she was so, so proud and happy. I was a bit surprised by how excited she was about doing that performance. I think its the most excited she's ever been in her whole little life!

3 mos of dance lessons: $114
Recital costume: $50
Useless video of other people's children: $35
3 tickets to show: $45
Adorable photos: $40
Smile on G's face coming off stage = Priceless!

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