Monday, September 03, 2007

4 days, ugh!
So, I knew it was likely to be a small batch but I was really, really hoping they'd get to 11/27. There are hardly any RQ families logged in 11/26 and 11/27 and psychologically it would have been soooo much more satisfying. However, as I'm sure I should have learned by now, the CCAA is not too interested in being psychologically satisfying. There it is.

One good thing is, the monster month of November has just about been completed and we will most definitely (well, as definite as you can get in this horrendous process anyway) move into December with the October referral batch! Dec is smaller than Nov--as just about every month in the history of China adoption has been--so should, logically, go more quickly. I hate to use the word "logic" when discussing IA because there doesn't seem to be much involved but there it is.

My guess for next month's referrals are Dec 7th, that's being more optimistic than many other RQ'ers but I believe getting up to Pearl Harbor Day would be pretty good.

I cannot even express in words how excited I will be to see the first 2006 LID received their referral!!! We've been logged in for almost 19 mos now and the only thing that gives me any solace at all is looking at the line behind me. I do not for one second wish this wait on anyone else but I have to say it did give me some comfort to check out our agency info and see that there are only 4 of our agencies LID groups ahead of us and 41!!! behind us. OH MY GOD!!!!

Of course, people are jumping ship right and left. Many are finding their children on WC lists and many, many are switching countries. Vietnam seems to be the country of choice at this point in time with the referral times being pretty impressive. We would have considered Vietnam when we started but it was closed. Now there are people who switched and were DTV in 2007, referred and already traveled. I'm happy for them but pretty envious of the timeline. We're still waiting, and waiting, and waiting....

I cannot wait to get off this fricking ride!!! Until then, here are some ultra cuties to take my mind off my own troubles. Of course, I'm usually in tears by the end of the list.

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