Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Apparantly, Stone was in Cannes yesterday and she was asked if she had heard about the disaster that hit China recently, and her answer was:

"Of course I have. Well you know at first I thought I'm not happy with the way
the Chinese are treating the Tibetans….and I've been concerned with should we
have the Olympics because they're not being nice to the Dalai Lama who's a good
friend of mine." And then all this earthquake and stuff happened and I thought,
'Is that Karma, when you're not nice and the bad things happen to
Are you freaking kidding me!!! First of all, why do we care what Sharon Stone thinks about this? Second, the only good thing about her having said something to damn stupid has been the outcry for her having said it. How awful.

Listen up Sharon, 5 million people are now homeless and about 80,000 are dead due to this horrible natural disaster. What awful thing do you think those people have done to deserve this? Whatever you think about the Chinese government, Tibet, etc the dead and homeless in China did not deserve this.

What a fool!!!


Well, its here, I'm officially 42 yrs old today. Weird. Bobby asked me this morning "so, do you feel any older today?" --uh, yeah, I feel a little older every day LOL!!! But really I don't feel any older, I still feel pretty young. I find it a little hard to believe that I'm not only 40 but in my 40s!!!! Geez, where did the time go?? I used to be in my 30s, I vaguely remember being in my 20s. Hmmm. I hope the next 40 yrs doesn't seem to fly by like the last 40 has.

Anywho, no special plans for the day but I did play hookie from work!!! Yippeeee!!! Normally I might spend a little of my time cruising the RQ forums but, alas, the forum is down. Sigh. My mom's still in the hospital so I will be stopping by for a visit. Pretty basic day really.

So, here goes:

"Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me"

Monday, May 05, 2008

May referrals are out. They only did 3 days (through 1/12/06) its depressing but not surprising. China adoption forecast estimates us getting a referral on 10/17/08 now so I guess that would mean November. CCAA is really not working the month of August, I believe. There are varying accounts, of course, but I've heard from more than one source that Beijing is going to very difficult to navigate and the chinese government really doesn't want anyone traveling unless its for or related to official Olympic business. So, they'll probably be working but not everyone and not a lot, I'd imagine. So, what does that mean? I think they'll send out referrals in August just before the olympics start. Then, in september, there will be few if any referrals. That puts us at dec for referral if they were to go at about the same speed. But, I don't think its going to go at the same speed. I think it will do what its done every month for the last year or so and slow down further.

Bottom line: I don't expect a referral until 2/2009 --9 mos from now. That would be 3 yrs lid to referral for us. We'd travel in april. Yikes! When we originally logged in I expected the wait to be about 9 mos which would have been nov 2006 --we're still 9 mos away. Always have been.

32 lids to go--9 of them with no lids due to closure for CNY in 2006. Sigh.

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