Monday, April 20, 2009

Three words in one day!!!
That’s right. She said 3 brand new words today!!! Car, sit, and toes. G's receptive language is fantastic. She pretty much understands everything we say. Her speaking has been limited but coming along. Bobby and I were positive that once G started, her speaking would come flooding out. We were right. The last week or so, G's been saying a new word each day. It so much fun to hear her speak.

Here are G's stats at 15.5 mos:

Words G says regularly
Stab --when she pierces food with her fork!

New today or with less consistency: car, sit, toes, monkey, towel, here go (here you go), hand

Parts of body recognized and pointed to on herself and others:
Belly button
Diaper --ok, not an official body part but close enough

Wrist, elbow, toes, and fingers are what we’re working on now.

Favorite books:
Go Dogs Go! --Dr Seuss
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Dad Mine

Favorite song:
Itsy Bitsy Spider

Favorite foods:
Gerber graduates raviolis, Mandarin oranges, String cheese, Animal crackers, American cheese slices, Craisins, Ice cream, Goldfish crackers., sliced canned carrots., chicken nuggets, and french fries. She pretty much eats whatever we do but still doesn’t eat beef (except meatballs).

Favorite toys:
Melissa and Doug latches puzzle board, ball, My Pretty Purse, books, play phone.

Favorite activity: screeching!!!, singing songs, kicking a ball around the room, playing chase with Daddy around the kitchen island, pounding on the foot stool with her hands with Mommy, going down the slide at the park.

Tricks: giving five and getting five back, blowing kisses, giving kisses, making fish lips and my favorite… she’s sometimes able to blow her nose!

About Georgiana:
~She prefers to eat with a fork and doesn’t make much of a mess doing so.
~She loves music and will start dancing or bopping her head when she hears any.
~She likes to throw things in the trash can and then clap to congratulate herself
~She likes to say “hi” to everyone she walks past
~She can recognize images of dogs everywhere even if they’re cartoon drawings wearing clothes and hats or silhouettes.
~She loves when people clap, even on TV, and will always start clapping too.
~She loves to talk to Mommy and Daddy on the phone.
~Georgiana is very energetic but still feminine:
When she sits or lays down she almost always crosses her feet at the ankles in a very girly way
She loves to put things on her wrists like they are bracelets and then say “pretty”
She likes to sit up on my dressing area when I get ready in the morning and “brush” her hair, put little dabs of lotion on her skin or even a spritz of perfume!
~With her increased food intake, she’s down to about 1 full and 2 half bottles of formula per day. Otherwise, she’s drinking water.
~Her hair grows about 1” per month!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Flower Fields of Carlsbad
To celebrate the coming of spring and our new fabulous weather, we decided to take a drive down to Carlsbad and check out The Flower Fields. If you've never been or heard of it, its a 50 acre ranunculus farm. Its really quite beautiful as the flower fields seem to stretch forever! The great majority of the flowers bloom and then are left to die to feed the bulb which is what is eventually harvested and sold. They also have a pointsettia display (but it was waaaay too hot in there for me), a sweet pea maze (kind of cute but the concept of the maze was totally lost on G), and some little garden areas with other types of planted flowers: poppies, foxgloves, daisies, etc.

Georgie loves flowers and really enjoyed walking around and sniffing them. So cute!!! It was a nice little sidetrip and good for a few hours of entertainment. The only drawback was the high admission which was $10 per person! Kind of pricey I thought since all you're purchasing is the opportunity to walk on the dirt trails, step 10-12 feet into two specifically chosen rows for pix, and purchase slightly overpriced refreshments. There's a tractor ride too but it was another $5 per person and didn't look that exciting so we skipped it. Anyway, if you're ever in Carlsbad during flower field season it is kind of nice stop on your way to somewhere else.

Here are some pix although they really don't do the beauty of the fields justice.





Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!!!!
We've been doing easter type activities for over a week!!! We started last weekend by getting our monthly pix done. Georgie had two super-cute easter outfits--one dressy, the other casual. The dressy one was a birthday gift from my sister in law's mother, Frances. We added the hat, cute pastel pink ballet flats and the purse to make the most beautiful easter dress ever. Gorgeous. The other one was another one of my ebay purchases.

Easter is a casual day for us. Because G doesn't really know any better and we had a big day yesterday --I'll post more about that in a few days-- we had a relaxing morning and then, when G woke up from her nap, I dressed her in her easter outfit and we colored a few eggs. After that, G had her very own private egg hunt. We took the plastic eggs and put a few goldfish crackers in each and then scattered them around on the grass in front so she could collect them. She's not quite big enough for a real hunt, maybe next year!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Big brother and barbie dolls!
Brett was home for a week for spring break. It went by way too fast. The whole time that Brett's home, G is pretty much glued to him. He's very good with her--gentle and always pays her a lot of attention. Its hard when he has to go back to school. Its definitely more quiet in the house, not really in a good way. I immediately start thinking about the next time he'll be home. It will double hard next year because Casey will be away at school also. I think its going to be a little lonely. Good thing we have Georgie here with us to keep us company or I think we'd be very sad.
Brett was playing frisbee with Bobby, see where G is?? Like I said, stuck like glue!

I love this pic of Brett reading to G, so sweet!

Before coming home from China, we stayed at the White Swan hotel in Guangzhou. I'd been looking forward to staying there since its kind of a tradition to do so. Plus, the hotel gives adopting families a "Going Home Barbie" as a gift. Well, just our luck, they were out of the barbies when we were there. But, I wanted that dang barbie so I followed up with the hotel and arranged for a cost to have it shipped to us. Just arrived the other day, yeah!!! I think it looks just like me, don't you???