Saturday, July 23, 2011

School stuff
G is absolutely loving her summer school program! Each morning the first thing she asks me is "Am I going to school today mama?" and when I confirm that, yes, it is a school day she says something like "YEAH!!! I love my school mama!" So cute and, truthfully, such a relief. I was so worried that she wasn't going to be happy there but she's done great.

I really like her teachers. They're all super nice and calm --very important when dealing with G-- and they seem to really get Georgie. G is, as is usual for her in new situations, super quiet at school. Thankfully, they haven't pushed her instead allowing her to just watch and listen while she warmed up. It worked! In fact, this morning her teacher advised me that yesterday was the first time that G said anything more than a few word response to a direct question. She actually called her a little chatterbox. You got it, 4.2 weeks into a 5 week program, my dear sweet little girl finally felt comfortable enough to talk to the teachers. Progress!

She'll be back at the sitter's for 5 weeks before starting the official preschool program in september. It will be interesting to see if it takes her as long to warm up next time :-)

The theme for the summer program is Great Chefs so most of the activities are food related. Each week there is a food group sub theme and then they make food each day that falls into the theme: grains (toast, muffins) fruits (smoothies), veggies (carrot slices, ants on log), dairy (yogurt parfaits, grilled cheese), protein (pigs in a blanket, eggs in a nest). G's really enjoyed going into school each day and checking the menu to see what they would be making. And she's actually learned quite a bit! The other day she was telling me all about milk coming from the cow udders and how it gets made into butter and cheese. Its really neat to see her learning and enjoying it so much!

G in her chef hat. She was incredibly proud of this hat! Showing off her "art." How funny is that expression??

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