Saturday, August 16, 2008

My sister in law sent me the pic above which I thought was freaking hilarious! Anyway, since the last time I posted, things have continued to become more and more exciting. Let's see, another set of referrals came out last week, the August batch, which officially went through 1/31/06. Now, no one was logged in between 1/28 and 2/5 but apparantly CCAA wanted some sort of end up month thing going on so there you go. At first look, "real" referrals were only for 2 days 1/26 and 1/27 which showed shockingly small numbers on the RQ polls. But, after looking around it appears that perhaps one of those days was a huge lid day for a european country (France, Italy?? don't remember) and obviously the families from countries besides the US and Canada are likely to not be very well represented in RQ polls. Overall, I see this as a positive as it means that CCAA likely did not refer a tiny little batch this time.
OK, so what happens next??? Referrals for 2/2006 will begin next month. I have my fingers crossed that CCAA will make it to let's say... 2/8??? If so, it would put us on track for an OCTOBER REFERRAL!!!!! OMG!!! Can you even imagine?? I can't. Must control emotions. Breath, Susan, breath. ahhhh. ok.
So, the more likely thing is that they will do less and we won't get our referral until November but even still, that is 12 weeks from now!!! 12 weeks!!! I can totally make it for 12 more weeks. I am an expert waiter, I should get a gold medal in the mentally and physically demanding sport of Waiting. There are still tons of things that can go wrong but I'm trying hard not to let myself even go there. I'm trying to stay "positive"
Also in the last few weeks: the olympics kicked off on 8/8/08. I got to see the opening ceremony on tv and was seriously impressed!!! We enjoyed a quick trip down to sea world in san diego "Shamu, Shamu"!!! We "celebrated" 30 mos of being lid (now at 5 times our original estimate). And, the best news of all, my mom is finally starting to feel human again.
Things are looking up!!!
Below are the lucky families who received referrals over the last two months. Seriously, these kids are sooooo cute!!!
Waiting for Mia
The following families in the SN program would like to share their news:


The following families in the SN program would like to share their wonderful news as well:

And a referral from Taiwan!