Saturday, May 21, 2011

Berry Fun
Last Halloween I was online looking for a pumpin patch and came across a site that has all kinds of working farms that you can visit to pick strawberries and other fruits. For some reason, the other day I came across that link again and found out, lo and behold, blueberry pickin' (yes, I think its pickin' and not picking) was just about to begin. I mentioned it to G and she was super excited!

We had kind of slow start this morning but eventually made it down to Temecula in the early afternoon. We could not have chosen a more beautiful day: mid 70s and as clear as can be. Gorgeous! We got there and after getting a 10 second berry picking lesson "choose only the blue ones", we grabbed our pails and walked into the field. No confusion on G's part, she started tugging the little boogers off right away! She worked on filling her bucket for about 30 mins, as usual she was quite selective. Then she handed the pail off to daddy and started picking up sticks and asking when we could go home and wash and eat the berries. That's G, ever mindful of her tummy :-)

Bobby was shocked that I let G eat a few of the berries right off the bush. I had a few too. It seemed ok and talk about fresh. Vine to taste buds = 2 secs!

I guess it was because this was the first weekend the farm was open for picking but wow! the bushes were just filled with berries!

I think the was one of G's rejects. Every once in awhile she'd pick one that was less tha

n perfectly blue so she'd toss it down explaining she was "leaving that one for the birds"!

G loved this bright red tractor

Isn't she sweet??

Daddy with his farm girl

The Girls!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free to "bee" G
G loves hanging out in the front yard. She never seems to tire of it. She rides her trike; uses chalk; collects bugs, rocks and flowers; and generally has a good time.
G was making a "creation" as she calls anything she doesn't know the name of. Sometimes her "creations" look more like people, sometimes more like letters and numbers.
After she drew with her sidewalk chalks a bit she suddenly decided she needed some wings so she could fly. In the house she ran returning with her bumble bee wings. The she ran around in circles for awhile saying "look at me mommy, I'm flying like a bee!!!" I must always watch or I get in trouble :-)

After that she discovered some bugs (probably ants) crawling in the sidewalk cracks. This definitely required careful investigation.

She stopped her investigation for a quick photo!

I think she'd caught a ladybug. She does this all the time. She's pretty gentle with them but its probably hit or miss if they survive the ordeal. Bobby found one in her pocket the other day. Needless to say, he'd already met his maker :-(

My future scientist (perhaps??) examining her discovery.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hand signs and random cuteness
Recently we've been showing G that certain hand signals mean stuff. She thinks its really funny to do them. She's tested all sorts of things out, including one involving the middle finger, just to see if they work. Here are some of her efforts:

The always classic Peace sign.... although the chinese use it regularly and my understanding is that the meaning is "victory"
Mommy's favorite: I love you
Hang loose, brah

And, the always fun, ROCK ON! I always tell her that her hand should be turned but, no luck

G decided to try out some other, lesser known, gestures. This is her "woo, hoo!"

This one doesn't involve hands but its just so darn cute!

And, as promised, the random cuteness...

This is G's caterpillar she made at the sitters. He has grass seed inside and is supposed to grow fuzz. He's looking a little sparse so far

I love that face!My sweet baby <3

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mom's Day
Started with me sleeping in until... 7:30!!! Oh joy!!! I got dressed, came downstairs and was greeted by this:
I was so thrilled! Bobby and G made this for me! He said that G told him what to write on all the handprints and came up with "thank you for being my mommy" and "best mommy" all on her own. Then she chose the stickers she wanted to use and decided where to put them. Its not a surprise she chose flip flop stickers--the kid has a thing for shoes, flips specifically. Seriously, is this not the sweetest thing ever???
G was very proud of her gift to me!

Bobby also got me a super cute gold X's and O's bracelet! Love it!

After that we went to one of fav places, Mission Inn, for brunch. Yes, we'd just gone last month for Easter but its so good ;-) G and I took pix with my mom too but they all came really crummy :-(

I hope this is not a sign of things to come because we're going to try to get professional pix done of the three of us this week. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, shall we?more Mommy and me pixLittle goofball

G loves to pick flowers. I mean, she really can't be stopped which made walking around the hotel very slow. There are tons of flowers and therefore tons of stopping to pick!

My beautiful girl

She had quite the handful of squished up blooms by the time she was finished.

Ugh! My blog is messed up!
My background which is provided for free from hot bliggity blog is not working. I've emailed the company to see if/when its going to be fixed but have not received a response yet. Hopefully, they get it fixed quickly. I'm not loving the lime green :-(
Anne of Green Gables
Our Mother's Day weekend started out like every Saturday, 8am dance class! As a treat, Daddy didn't have to work so he was able to come with us! Later that afternoon, we saw the last play in this season's children's series: Anne of Green Gables. You know, I thought I was familiar with the story but, as it turned out, I didn't know the story. Wow. It was so, so sad. Like all the shows at this local theater, it was very well done. The acting, singing and sets are so much better than I would expect from a local children's theater.

The story line went over G's head but she did enjoy the singing and dancing. Like at previous shows, they have the actors come out after the show and sign programs and take pix.
G with Anne

With Mrs Lynde

Josie Pye

Diana Barry (Anne's best friend)

This actor played 4 parts. He's wearing his train conductor costume in this photo

Anne's romantic partner, Gilbert Blythe

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Simply beautiful