Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, the rumor of referrals going through the 22nd didn't turn out to be true, or maybe it did?? No one's completely sure and most people, including me, have decided it doesn't really matter much in the scheme of things. The 21st and 22nd of Jan 2006 were weekend days. RQ's poll shows only a few people lid on those days and its likely that those were accidental votes. So far, no one in either my yahoo groups or RQ has come forward to say that they had a 1/21 or 1/22 lid and did or did not get a referral. So I guess its a moot point. People have questioned why ccaa doesn't just go ahead and state referrals went through the empty days. For that there is no answer other then, ccaa doesn't do it that way. They give you the empty days at the beginning of the next month.

OK, now we've cleared that up. This is where things are starting to get exciting!!! We now have only 24 calendar days ahead of us, read it again, 24!!!! Nine of those are cny days = no lids on those days. CCAA was closed 1/28-2/5/2006 for cny so no one is lid on those days. Again, a smattering of votes on RQ's polls, probably done in error (or possibly stupidity). The next referrals willl likely go through 1/27/06, with the next batch covering all the cny days plus a few days maybe up to 2/9??? If so, the next batch would include US!!! Read it again, WE COULD BE GETTING A REFERRAL IN SEPTEMBER!!! We would be home with our new child by Christmas!!!

I cannot even believe it.... after almost 28 mos of being lid and almost 3 yrs after starting this process, we may be only 3-4 mos away from referral. Its almost hard to accept that it could be true. Everyone who has been waiting so long is almost afraid to allow themselves to believe that it may actually happen!!! I've actually allowed myself to hope and believe again. Many months ago, I told just about everyone in my real life that the adoption "just didn't work out" it was so much easier and less painful than having to explain the process over and over and over and over and over again. But, this last weekend, I told one of my neighbors, it just sort of slipped out.

So, there are still things that can go wrong but, for now, there is a glimmer of hope. Its a nice feeling!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Dance????

Alrighty then, this is going to be something you haven't heard in awhile.... let's say about 28 mos or so. I think there is some good news on the horizon. RQ has a rumor on her board that says that referrals are on their way and that they go through 1/22/06!!! Count 'em up folks, that would be 10 days. RQ had predicted 1/23 as the "horrid case" for referral cut off and I thought "YEAH right!!!!, never gonna happen" --I expected referrals to go through the 18th or possibly the 19th at the absolute latest.

So, at this point its just rumor but it does have a little traction. It appears more than one agency may be reporting this but its a little difficult to tell sometimes. Anyway, if true, it would mean that we'd be down to only 22 lids ahead of us!!! 22!!! and 7-9 of those have no lids on them at all due to CCAA closure for CNY in 2006. So it would really be like only having 13-15 days ahead of us. If CCAA does an average of 5 days per month, that would put our referral at Oct or even possibly Sept (slim chance), travel by Dec.

I really hate to even hope, once I stopped doing that the wait became much, much easier to handle. My motto has been "think pessimistically, avoid disappointment" and its been working better than one might imagine.

Anyway, I'll save the pic of a cuter happy dance for when the rumor has been confirmed as fact. Until then, we have the guy above who seems blissfully unaware that there is anything wrong in his world!!!