Thursday, July 28, 2011

My mom and I did last year's season at the Pantages. This year I was excited to see that they'd be doing Shrek. G really likes Shrek and she's done so great at the local shows and really enjoyed them. As a result I felt comfortable taking her to this show.

Of course we got a special dress ;-) and a matching clippie ;-) G really loved the dress because it TWIRLED! G is a big time twirler. She pretty much insists on wearing a twirly dress every. single. day.

It was a super big day. We started at 8:45 with dance class, then ran errands, came home and met with a painter, then got ready to go, hopped in the car, told G to close her eyes while we drove, made a stop on the way to LA to pick something up we'd ordered earlier in the month and finally arrived at the theater about 45 mins early for our matinee. Whoo. I was exhausted.

G was happy she was able to get a Shrek ears headband. It was free, thank goodness. I would never have been willing to pay the asking price of $15!! She wore it for about, ummmm, 5 mins. Then she was done. I did break down and buy her the Gingerbread Man puppet. Bobby thought it was a total ripoff and I was cuckoo but G loved it! She hugged it and played with it through the whole show and, in the days since, "Ginger" has made it to the highest echelon of stuffed animalhood: being chosen as one of the three elite night night stuffies! Wow. Who's the cuckoo now, huh??

The show itself was great! The costumes were fantastic, the actors talented and resulted in lots of laughs! G said her favorite part was "Princess Fiona singing." My favorite part was definitely the stage-sized dragon puppet. It was controlled by 4-6 (couldn't tell for sure) puppeteers. Awesome!!

After such a big day, I wasn't sure if a dinner ressie would be pushing it with G. She was going on about a 45 or so minute nap. But, when I'd mentioned to her earlier in the week the possibility of going to a "fancy dinner" she was super excited. G likes anything "fancy." We went to The Grill which is quickly becoming my favorite place to eat. Its really nice but surprisingly kid friendly with crayons, booster seats and a kids menu. G had what looked like the world's most fantastic grilled cheese sandwich and got to drink water out of a wine glass shaped water goblet. Oh yeah, she was in heaven.

G felt really special in her Shrek set
She engaged in much pre-show twirling

I seriously loved this hairbow. It might be my favorite ever!

No words necessary for this pic

Finally arrived in grubby Hollywood.

The bartender offered to take this photo for us. Other than some weird bang issue on my part its a pretty nice shot of the 3 of us... not easy to accomplish.

G doing a puppet show with Ginger at intermission

Second attempt at a cute family shot... seriously, what was up with my bangs???

On our way to dinner I saw that Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum had this big Shrek thing out front. How perfect was that! We braved the 1/2 block walk (which takes 5 mins because of the crowd) down Hollywood Blvd on a friday night at 6:30 to take a few pix with Shrek. If you've never done this, its an experience easily missed. Its super crowded, the crazies and faux characters taking tourist pix for $3 a shot are out in force, and there are usually a few slightly frightening probably homeless people hanging about doing something shocking enough to attract attention in hopes that change will be dropped in their styrofoam cup. So, "Why do it?" you might ask. Did you see the size of that Shrek thing?? Totally worth it :-)

An overall fantastic day!

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Tanya said...

That is a very cute hair bow! Looks like a fun time.