Saturday, January 06, 2007

A letter to CNN:
I had heard that Paula Zahn was going to be doing a piece on Chinese adoptions last night and was bummed to missed it. However, after reading the transcript I was completely shocked at how adoptive and prospective adoptive families were portrayed. Horrible! I also could not believe the number of inaccuracies stated as facts by her so called experts. I agree with what others have written that the way to truly gauge a news agency's reporting is to watch a report on a subject with which you are very familiar. After doing so, CNN gets an F-

Here's a copy of my email sent to CNN regarding this report:

I am writing to add what must be many negative comments you have received regarding your piece on Chinese adoption last night. I am surprised that CNN would spend valuable time reporting on an important issue and have it completely filled with inaccuracies. I'm shocked! The new restrictions outlined by China were fairly accurate however to have the "experts" focus on their presumed reasons why people choose to adopt from China and get it so wrong is shocking. Have any of these people ever known or spoken to an adoptive family?? Where did they get their facts?

Our family is in the process of adopting a child from China having begun the process in September 2005. Before we began we researched all available options including domestic private adoption and adoption through the foster care system. We chose the route that was best for our family and it had absolutely nothing to do with race, at all! It certainly was not in hopes of adopting a super child who would someday be a doctor!! That is ridiculous. Do you know what potential adoptive parents are put through in order to adopt in this country??? A couple can spend years and up to $100k advertising themselves to potential birthmothers in a giant beauty pageant, complete an adoption and then have the birthfather show up later to reclaim the child. The laws of many states really work against adoptive parents and have had a considerable chilling effect.

As far as adopting an African American child in the US this can be very difficult for a white family. Black social workers for years have stated very clearly their preference for black children to be placed with black families and have often held up adoptions of willing white couples. I believe many families who choose to adopt internationally have very little concern for race. In fact, adoption from Ethiopia is becoming extremely common with many families not just celebrities "who are doing the right thing."

Another point that was incorrect is that Americans will next be adopting from Muslim countries due to the availability of children there. Well, there may be many orphans but they are certainly not now nor will they ever become available for adoption. Adoption from Muslim countries at this time is impossible and very unlikely in the future. Get your facts straight, contact the state department.

Finally, I just want to state that after reading the transcript of the show I am utterly shocked and severely dismayed that CNN would portray potential and adoptive parents from asian countries as racists! Your so-called experts had no idea what they were talking about and quoted as facts things that were clearly and easily determined to be incorrect. I have lost all respect for CNN broadcasting and Paula Zahn's show and fact checkers and it makes me seriously question the validity of anything else I have seen on the show in the past. I have been a fairly frequent viewer of CNN and Zahn's show but after this shoddy reporting on a subject with which I am very familiar and informed any reporting by CNN will be seriously tainted.
Disgusting and disappointing for a news agency of this presumed caliber!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

OK, so they did 19 days, not too exciting really. Supposedly 9/29/05 is a monster of a log in day. In any event we're now 140 LID's away from ours. If they continue to do approximately 19 days worth of LID's per referral batch, that would put us at 8 batches away from referral or maybe Sept/Oct. That would be great actually! I can't believe when we started the wait was 6-8 mos and now I'm thrilled at the prospect of a 20 month wait.
I sooooo wish that CCAA would update the Review Room. I'm sure our dossier has been reviewed but boy will it feel great when I can see it in print. We've been in there forever.
In the meantime, names I'm currently considering:
Georgianna Skye
Willow Rose
Zaida Rose --zay-duh
Chatelaine Rose (OK, I really like Rose as a middle name)
Lavender Elise
Feel free to comment on your fav!