Friday, March 30, 2012

Hippity Hoppity
I found a Living Social deal (Yeah!) for a photographer who was going to be doing live bunny, chick and duckling spring photos (double YEAH!!) When I told G about it I thought she was going to burst with excitement! Georgie loves nothing more than small creatures. Sign us up!

Seriously, how cute is this??

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yeah Casey!
He's been working really hard this semester and, fortunately, it completely paid off... straight As!!! Yes! I'm so proud of and happy for him. Good job son! The good news just kept on going... Casey was also able to find a research assistant position with one of his professors. Woohoo!

Since Casey is home for his spring break I figured it was a great time to finally have him get a professional picture done. I have a wall of large photos in my entry that include a few family photos of the five of us and then three very large photos of G all by herself. We definitely needed to add some individual photos of the boys. Brett had his done awhile ago and now it was Casey's turn. He was absolutely thrilled to go down and have his picture taken (NOT!!!!) but went along with it anyway.

Ahhh, so handsome!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Theater season continues
We are smack dab in the middle of theater season! Two weekends ago was 42nd Street at the California Theater. We had a wonderful pre-show dinner at one of my favorite places to eat, Flemings. Normally we don't go there because its just too expensive but they were having an awesome special: wedge salad, filet mignon, lobster tail, blue cheese mashed potatoes and green beans with mushrooms for a very fair price.... YUM!!!! After a fantastic meal it was off to the show. The performance was well done with lots of singing and tap dancing. Some of the singers were better than others but the dancing was awesome. As is common with these older shows (42nd Street premiered on Broadway in the 80s) I find that even though I've never seen the show I'm still quite familiar with the music.

Then, this last weekend it was Candlelight Pavillion's performance of The Drowsy Chaperone. Usually I have some idea about the storyline or even theme of the show before we go. But this time, I went in completely cold. OMG what a funny show! Very funny, very cute. And, again, lots of dancing and tap dancing... what is it with tap dancing? It seems like every stage actor must be able to do it and they are always so good! As usual for the Candlelight the sets and costumes were great. Very nice evening.

Monday, March 26, 2012

St Patty's Day preschool party
Georgie's preschool teacher, Mrs Davis, really enjoys St Patty's day activities! Her enthusiasm was infectious and, as a result, G was super excited about the day! Mrs Davis asked all the parents do their best to get the kids to school right on time. When they walked in to the classroom they found it was perfectly neat and picked up. Everything was tidy and in its place. After just a few minutes it was library time so off we went. While we were gone, what do you know??? the leprechauns had been up to no good. The kids returned to the room to see the results of their shenanigans; the room had been tossed!!! Toys were scattered and things were out of place...
from the little green footprints on the floor, it was clear who was to blame... LEPRECHAUNS!!!

Quickly, Georgie ran to the table to see if her leprechaun trap had successfully caught one of the happy little green guys. The kids had worked on this as an individual activity a few days prior but apparantly G was the only one whose efforts resulted in a completed trap. G peered in and then finally shook the trap. Ahhh shucks!!! No luck. The sneaky little leprechaun had not been lured in by the gold coin that G had used to bait her trap.

Green was the theme of the day, of course! Bagels with green cream cheese, green grapes, honeydew melon, and apple juice for snack :-)

How funny are these little hats that one of the moms brought in??

Everybody is a little bit Irish on St Patty's Day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date Night
at Chick Fil A of course. Such a cute little event! They had a little dance area set up and Bobby twirled G around a bit. My little dancer. As always, G really enjoyed the carriage ride and of course the cow. We made it a family event this time. Even Brett came along!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fairy Godmother in Training strikes again!
G just did the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique (BBB) at WDW in Orlando a few weeks ago. Normally we wouldn't do something like this again so soon. But our friends, Sophie and Paula, are going to be moving in a few weeks and Sophie had never done BBB. She'd also never been to the princess meal at Calif Adventure so, what the heck!! we joined them for the fun.

The park opened at 8am and G and I were inside by 8:05. Off to ride Peter Pan and Dumbo and then meet P and S at the BBB soon after.
The girls prior to being BBB'd

We brought our outfit with us this time, Jasmine from Alladin. We added shoes (they were so cute! and looked much more comfortable than most princess shoes). After changing into the costume, G's transformation began. I was surprised to see that we got Virginia who was our FGIT when G first did BBB on her 3rd birthday.

G's hair is long so it took awhile to get it all up in a bun. G chose the "Diva" look because it results in long hair. Sophie chose the same!

Virginia took a long time fixing, fluffing and teasing G's "hair"

The brochure picture of the "diva" look showed two rhinestone clippies instead of a tiara. I'm not sure if they were out of clippies or what but both the girls were able to choose a tiara. I think G was happy with the outcome! Besides every princess needs a tiara, right?

After the hair came make up, nail polish and choice of ring.

Finally "bibbity bobbity boo" and a significant sprinkling of pixie dust and it was time for the big reveal...

Ta duh!!! Introducing Princesses Sophie and Georgiana!!!

There are some things that are better at wdw than at disneyland but BBB, overall, is not one of them. The wdw room is fancier for sure but DL's reveal is so much better! Its super cute when the spin the girls around in the seat, pull back the curtains and finally let the girls see their princess self. The mirror has little lights that sparkle. Adorable!

The other thing that's better at DL is the photo opportunity afterward. At wdw they do take pix and the area is nice --pretty background, small upholstered bench-- but nothing special. DL has a Cinderella's coach which is the cutest thing ever. G actually didn't remember it from last time which was not surprising because she had only just turned three so when she saw it this time she was really excited.

See? Cute. I would have eaten this up when I was four.

We had enough time to take advantage of lots of photo opportunties

Ride the carousel

And make a team effort at pulling the sword from the stone. The tried really,





really, really hard!!! Unfortunately, they couldn't get it to budge. I've heard that the CMs have a button they can push to release the sword... wouldn't that be awesome!

On our way to make our regular visit to Snow White's pond or fountain or whatever it is, we found Peter Pan just chilling with hardly anyone around.

G loves this little area next to castle. She always asks me to take her picture here. As always, I love her poses

I just stand there and watch her go

G saw this swan topiary and said "mama, mama, look!! take my picture" then she hopped up on the bench and got herself set up with her chosen legs-to-the-side pose. I was just about to snap the shot when she stopped me, asked for her glasses and explained she needed them so "I don't look all squinty from the sun" HAHA!!! I almost died laughing. That little girl cracks me up.

We made our way over to CA Adventure and saw Avaitor Minnie hanging out by Soarin'. It seems she's probably a regular there but I'd never seen her.

Finally we were checked in for AG and our princess lunch! G and I have been a number of times but it was Sophie's first time. It was fun to share it with her.

Ahhh, three happy, pretty princesses!

Fun day!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Stuff
This was a project that G did at school. I guess the teacher asked her the questions then wrote the answer for her. I love that her name is so long it didn't all fit on one line :-)
She's getting good at writing her name. They do these practice sheets at her preschool--not too often maybe once a week or so-- but the writing at the top is her free hand. Impressive to me! Having a name as long as hers is pretty helpful because now that she can pretty much write the whole thing out, including her two middle names, she's learned just about every letter in the alphabet. Handy!
My little poser requests almost every morning that I take her picture. If we have time I snap a few shots to make her happy. I've been giving some thought to taking a picture of her once per week in the same spot in our yard or something and then making a flip book at the end of the year. Silly?? Fun?? I'm not sure yet.

Some mornings she's very posey, other mornings she just dances about while I snap. It definitely seems like she's envisioning herself a super model --if she knew what a super model was that is!

Georgie says funny stuff... like the other day we were in the car and I said something that amused her and she said "holy banackerels" which is obviously a combination of holy mackeral and holy bananas. Either comment on its own would be kind of funny but combined, heck, that's fan-freakintastic!

She also has developed this funny habit of smacking her hand to her forehead and shaking her head when she thinks one of us is being silly or ridiculous. We occasionally say ridiculous things just to get her to do it over and over and over again. I don't think that she's caught on yet that we're laughing at her... she's too busy laughing at us.

Friday, March 16, 2012

DL for Josh's birthday and some more firsts!
We recently joined my friend Char at DL to celebrate her son, Josh's, 10th birthday. I explained to G in advance that, unlike most of trips to DL, this one was not about her. It was about celebrating with friends which means we'd be doing things that they wanted to do and probably in a different order that she's used to. She seemed fine with it but I think its good to explain things ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

We started the day with the Minnie and Friends breakfast. G and I have been a couple times before and, although the number of characters you get to see is pretty great, the food is so-so at best. We normally have great fun at character meals. So, I'm not exactly sure what was going on that morning but the character thing was a bit off. First, they stuck us at a table in the corner which usually is not a problem because the characters come around to visit in a certain order but for some reason it just wasn't working this particular day.

We actually got skipped by a few and then one or two came by when I was in the interminable omelette line. It still was going along well until Capt Hook paid his visit. G loves Capt Hook, all the baddies really, but always enjoys saying "tick tock" to him and having him act frightened. So Hook comes by, G gives him the "tick tock" and Hook runs off scared. But then, he didn't come back! I mean he literally left the entire side of the restaurant without visiting with my friend's son or the people at the table next to us either. G got upset because he had run away from her and actually kind of shut down a bit and the people next to us were like what the heck? Ugh! Hello!!! This is supposed to be fun. I did find the character handler and they arranged for Josh to meet with Hook which was fine but G actually started crying and then it seemed like it was time to go. You can pretty much conclude that the character meal was less than a success if your kid leaves crying. Ah well, what can you do?

Before we left we were able to meet with a few of the characters including Penguin
Tigger who is one of G's favs
I love this pick of Josh pounding it out with Tigger. The look on Josh's face is priceless!

Minnie stopped by for seconds... I mean literally like 3-5 seconds. She stopped, curtsied and then turned to walk away. I had to practically tackle her to get her to come back and snap a photo with the kids. Not sure if they were running late or what but like I said it was a very off day.

Anyway, after breakfast G was able to rally pretty quickly and we moved on to the rides. I have to say, it was a PERFECT day to be at DL. It was cool and as uncrowded as I've ever seen it. Practically no wait for anything. Star Tours had I think a 15-20 min wait but we grabbed fastpass, Space Mountain (SM) was a walk on, Big Thunder Mtn (BTM) was a 5 min wait. It was awesome!!!

Speaking of the coasters, Josh is 10 so its reasonable that he wanted to ride them. G's tall enough for everything in the park except Indiana Jones but she hadn't ridden BTM or SM yet. We started with SM. G did NOT like it. Not one little bit. When I asked her at the end if she wanted to ride it again she very seriously said "NO". Even several hours later when normally she'd start to change her mind or consider overcoming her fears she said adamantly "No" but added that she might be ready "when I'm 10". Haha!

We eventually made our way to BTM which was a total winner! G loved it! Its now on her list of must do's.

We spent a lot of time in Toontown. I guess Josh hadn't been there since he was pretty little so he had lots of fun checking it all out. This picture of G cracks me up because its proof that she can do her modeling poses just about anywhere.

Oddly, one of the longest lines we encountered was to visit with Mickey... 30 mins. Umm, no thanks. But we did wander through the Mickey and Minnie houses and G stared into the wishing well there. I think this might be her favorite part of the park.

Having grabbed a Roger Rabbit fastpass on the way in, that ride was a walk on also. Again the standby line was like 30 mins which was so weird because the park was so empty. By this time, my Minnie and Friends breakfast was starting to not sit so well in my tummy so I passed on the spinny ride. G loves it so luckily she was able ride with Char and Josh.

Required group photo with Pluto

and who can resist Goofy

At that point my tummy was really not happy and G was starting to wind down. After passing off our fastpass tix we'd collected we split from Char and Josh (who went on to almost close the parks down!) and headed toward the exit. We encountered Gepetto on our way out for our final photo op of the day and off we went.

Although there were some hiccups it was a really good day. I'm so glad we were able to celebrate Josh's 10th birthday with him. Happy Birthday Josh!