Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess Birthday Party
G attended the birthday party of one of the girls in our Happy Mommys china IA group this weekend. It was a princess party. My girl loves princesses so she was excited to go. I was happy because we got to get another wearing out of our WDW princess outfits!!!

The birthday girl Gracie turned 4. There was a tea party with tea (strawberry lemonade), super cute PB&J sandwiches cut into crown shapes, cheese slices, and chocolate dipped strawberries! G was in hog heaven cuz she loves to eat.

This is Gracie's mom, Tanya, pouring the "tea" for each little princess Georgie love, love, loves cheese!
Posing with Cindy. Poor G was looking right into the sun
At one point, Cinderella poured a little glitter in the kids' hands and told them it was magic dust. G was very concerned about losing hers. She kept looking at it to make sure it was still there and OK. Mean mommy admission: I never let G have frosting. I'm hoping to avoid her getting a worse sweet tooth than she already has so I've always scraped it off. This time, I didn't scrape. I just let her have at it. Georgie really enjoyed her cupcake!!!
Frosting face!
Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

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