Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween activities
we did lots of halloween stuff this year. It seems that fall activities are everywhere! One afternoon we dropped by the little event being put on by the local Henry's market. They had crafts, G was in heaven. Give the kid some markers, glue, paint and scissors and she is one happy camper.

This is G's creation. We named him Jack.

We also went to the Irvine Regional Park pumpkin patch. Its really fun! G always enjoys it because she loves the train.

G with her pumpkin of choice. I'm not sure what was so appealing about this particular gourd but she definitely wanted this one.

We were fortunate to be invited to a halloween party given by Ryan's mom, Michelle. It was so cute! Party games, snacks, and a pinata! G loves pinatas. Its a good thing there were some other kids there to break it open though because if everyone had to depend on G's strength to get it done, it would never happen. She walks up and just barely taps the pinata with the stick. Hardly a tap can be heard. I think she thinks she's really whacking it too. So funny. She is really good at picking up the candy that falls. She's actually pretty quick at that part.

The group shot. G was in a snit... can you tell??

Even chick fil a had a little halloween thing. Here's G painting a pumpkin. To me it just looked like some slapped on paint but G was very, very deliberate. Check out that look of complete concentration.

There was a costume contest too. Can you believe that the girl in the Queen of Hearts costume standing next to G didn't win???

I'm not sure what's up with this expression but its so funny!

G getting ready to get her trick or treat on. She did so well this year. We'd been practicing the process a bit... knock, knock. "Trick or treat" in a big voice. Open bag and accept treat. "Thank you" In practice, she had it down.
She was a bit tentative at the first house but once she realized that the candy thing really did work out... she was hooked!!! She was great about using her big voice, always remembered her thank you's and then would go running off to the next house saying "let's do another one!!!" Adorable!

After we did the 12 or so houses on our street, we came back home and G passed out treats to the kids who came to the door. I'm not sure which part she enjoyed more. Every time the doorbell rang she'd jump up and say "goodness gracious gosh. kids!" Then she'd pop a treat into each bag. She seemed to take this job very seriously making sure that each kid received exactly one treat.

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