Saturday, October 09, 2010

Disney on Ice: Mickey's Magical Journey
To keep the Disney thing going... this past Sunday we went to another one of the Disney ice shows. I enjoyed this one more than the last for some reason. G liked it because she got to get a souvenir. We don't usually buy things when we go to these shows because its usually incredibly overpriced and the entertainment value of what they have available is pretty minimal. But they were having a promotion that included a mickey/minnie camera with each purchase. G was thrilled when we got to go up to the junk counter ... ahem souvenier table... and get something. She watched a great portion of the show through the lens of the disposable camera and every once in awhile snapped a picture of the ground or my shoes or whatever. Too funny! She loves to copy mommy and mommy takes lots of pix so she's fascinated by photography. So much so that I've been thinking about getting her a toddler friendly camera for christmas. Anyway... here's my one and only somewhat decent pic of G at the ice show. She's wearing one of her WDW outfits. Yeah!

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