Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theater season has begun!
My first play this year was one of my absolute fav's, Phantom of the Opera!! I scored some awesome 10th row center seats at the Pantages and ended up going with my friend Candy. She found us an oh so Hollywood italian place to catch a pre play meal... scrumptious but pricey. The menu was all in italian! good thing the server was super helpful or we may have just ended up with bread :-) The food was great, the play was fantastic as always and the company was the best! We finished up the night with late night chocolate fondue in Pasadena. So so fun!

So I decided to give the children's theater in our town a try. G's young obviously but she has developed a pretty good attention span for movies and I thought might be ready for live theater. The local theater is really nice and the tix are super cheap so I figured even if it didn't work out --which I was pretty sure it would --we could just leave.
Georgiana's first play was Lily's Purple Plastic Purse and she loved it! She paid attention to the story and seemed pretty into it. There was one slightly scary part --not really but anything even remotely scary is scary for G -- but I just held her hand and told her it would be OK and then it was. After the play a few of the characters come out so they can take pix with the kids. Sadly, my purse camera is broken and I hadn't thought to bring my big camera so no pix :-( memories will just have to be good enough for this one I guess. We have tix for another play in the children's series in a few mos. Yeah, at only 33 mos G is officially a patron of the arts!

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Peanut Shell said...

Your date nite sounds so fun-- I'm so jealous!