Saturday, October 02, 2010

Beauty and the Beast
is my all time favorite Disney movie. I've always been a Belle fan. And, I know its silly, but I get a little tear in my eye every time Beast presents Belle with the library. I first saw the movie about 19 yrs ago. I know because it happened to be Brett's very first movie seen in a theater. Since then I've seen it dozens of times and have most of the songs memorized! They were doing a special showing at El Capitan for the release of the new DVD package. (I'm not sure if they're showing it at other theaters or not??) Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take Georgie. This one was really fun because it was a sing along... all the songs included the lyrics sort of subtitled on the bottom of the screen and the audience was encouraged to sing. Of course, most of the kids in the audience were too little to really sing along but the moms, we were into it! So fun!

They had a breakfast with Belle at the soda fountain next door before the movie... cute! G and Bobby waiting to go in to breakfast. Each table had a rose. G loved it!
G's not quite tall enought to turn the handle of the penny smashers by herself... she loves to smash pennies though. What did they serve for breakfast? Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, of course!
This is G explaining to Belle that they'd met before, at WDW. Belle replied "ah yes, its lovely to see you again, princess"G loves princesses!
"When's the movie going to start???"
G loved wearing her princess dress! She also loves to look at pictures of herself. As I was posting this one she pointed and said "oooh, adorable!" Seriously, the kid cracks me up!

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Tanya said...

You need to let me know when one of these comes up as I would love to take Gracie!