Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free to "bee" G
G loves hanging out in the front yard. She never seems to tire of it. She rides her trike; uses chalk; collects bugs, rocks and flowers; and generally has a good time.
G was making a "creation" as she calls anything she doesn't know the name of. Sometimes her "creations" look more like people, sometimes more like letters and numbers.
After she drew with her sidewalk chalks a bit she suddenly decided she needed some wings so she could fly. In the house she ran returning with her bumble bee wings. The she ran around in circles for awhile saying "look at me mommy, I'm flying like a bee!!!" I must always watch or I get in trouble :-)

After that she discovered some bugs (probably ants) crawling in the sidewalk cracks. This definitely required careful investigation.

She stopped her investigation for a quick photo!

I think she'd caught a ladybug. She does this all the time. She's pretty gentle with them but its probably hit or miss if they survive the ordeal. Bobby found one in her pocket the other day. Needless to say, he'd already met his maker :-(

My future scientist (perhaps??) examining her discovery.

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