Sunday, May 08, 2011

Anne of Green Gables
Our Mother's Day weekend started out like every Saturday, 8am dance class! As a treat, Daddy didn't have to work so he was able to come with us! Later that afternoon, we saw the last play in this season's children's series: Anne of Green Gables. You know, I thought I was familiar with the story but, as it turned out, I didn't know the story. Wow. It was so, so sad. Like all the shows at this local theater, it was very well done. The acting, singing and sets are so much better than I would expect from a local children's theater.

The story line went over G's head but she did enjoy the singing and dancing. Like at previous shows, they have the actors come out after the show and sign programs and take pix.
G with Anne

With Mrs Lynde

Josie Pye

Diana Barry (Anne's best friend)

This actor played 4 parts. He's wearing his train conductor costume in this photo

Anne's romantic partner, Gilbert Blythe

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