Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hand signs and random cuteness
Recently we've been showing G that certain hand signals mean stuff. She thinks its really funny to do them. She's tested all sorts of things out, including one involving the middle finger, just to see if they work. Here are some of her efforts:

The always classic Peace sign.... although the chinese use it regularly and my understanding is that the meaning is "victory"
Mommy's favorite: I love you
Hang loose, brah

And, the always fun, ROCK ON! I always tell her that her hand should be turned but, no luck

G decided to try out some other, lesser known, gestures. This is her "woo, hoo!"

This one doesn't involve hands but its just so darn cute!

And, as promised, the random cuteness...

This is G's caterpillar she made at the sitters. He has grass seed inside and is supposed to grow fuzz. He's looking a little sparse so far

I love that face!My sweet baby <3

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