Saturday, May 21, 2011

Berry Fun
Last Halloween I was online looking for a pumpin patch and came across a site that has all kinds of working farms that you can visit to pick strawberries and other fruits. For some reason, the other day I came across that link again and found out, lo and behold, blueberry pickin' (yes, I think its pickin' and not picking) was just about to begin. I mentioned it to G and she was super excited!

We had kind of slow start this morning but eventually made it down to Temecula in the early afternoon. We could not have chosen a more beautiful day: mid 70s and as clear as can be. Gorgeous! We got there and after getting a 10 second berry picking lesson "choose only the blue ones", we grabbed our pails and walked into the field. No confusion on G's part, she started tugging the little boogers off right away! She worked on filling her bucket for about 30 mins, as usual she was quite selective. Then she handed the pail off to daddy and started picking up sticks and asking when we could go home and wash and eat the berries. That's G, ever mindful of her tummy :-)

Bobby was shocked that I let G eat a few of the berries right off the bush. I had a few too. It seemed ok and talk about fresh. Vine to taste buds = 2 secs!

I guess it was because this was the first weekend the farm was open for picking but wow! the bushes were just filled with berries!

I think the was one of G's rejects. Every once in awhile she'd pick one that was less tha

n perfectly blue so she'd toss it down explaining she was "leaving that one for the birds"!

G loved this bright red tractor

Isn't she sweet??

Daddy with his farm girl

The Girls!

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