Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mom's Day
Started with me sleeping in until... 7:30!!! Oh joy!!! I got dressed, came downstairs and was greeted by this:
I was so thrilled! Bobby and G made this for me! He said that G told him what to write on all the handprints and came up with "thank you for being my mommy" and "best mommy" all on her own. Then she chose the stickers she wanted to use and decided where to put them. Its not a surprise she chose flip flop stickers--the kid has a thing for shoes, flips specifically. Seriously, is this not the sweetest thing ever???
G was very proud of her gift to me!

Bobby also got me a super cute gold X's and O's bracelet! Love it!

After that we went to one of fav places, Mission Inn, for brunch. Yes, we'd just gone last month for Easter but its so good ;-) G and I took pix with my mom too but they all came really crummy :-(

I hope this is not a sign of things to come because we're going to try to get professional pix done of the three of us this week. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, shall we?more Mommy and me pixLittle goofball

G loves to pick flowers. I mean, she really can't be stopped which made walking around the hotel very slow. There are tons of flowers and therefore tons of stopping to pick!

My beautiful girl

She had quite the handful of squished up blooms by the time she was finished.

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