Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Age of Aquarius
The theater season continues! Tonight, my mom and I went to our second show at the Pantages. This time it was Hair. We had a super nice dinner at a restaurant called The Grill at Hollywood and Highland. The place is very classy, kind of old school with dark wood but not at all stuffy. We both had butternut squash soup, scallops and grilled veggies. I topped it off a slice of super rich chocolate cake with strawberry sauce, and freshly whipped cream!!! Mom got carrot cake. Both were 2 die 4!!

The show was really good. The music, singing and dancing was awesome. Tons of audience interaction, dancing up the aisles, etc. At one point one of the actors actually came climbing over the seats back to the 11th row or so then stood up on the arms of the lady's seat behind us dancing like a crazy man. Wow! There is a point at the end of the first act where the full cast of actors drop their clothes and are completely nude onstage... apparantly. Oddly enough, I didn't even notice they were all nude!! My mom teased me a bit but, hey, it was dark. I dunno.

Anyway, it was a great evening. Great food, great entertainment and, as always, great company!

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