Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Purple girl!
These are Georgie's birthday pix... yes I know her birthday was a few weeks ago but we've been so busy we didn't have time to do them til this past week. G had so much fun!!! She was giggly and smiley and goofing around. She really liked that pointy party hat but the strap went under her chin and she complained that it choked her. I tried to stretch the elastic to loosen it a bit when it snapped and popped her under the chin. Bad, bad mommy. I've never felt so awful in my life. After crying she recovered quickly but I still feel awful. Poor baby.

Even after being snapped with the chin strap, G still loved that hat. I told her we could throw that bad hat away but she said "no, I'll just hold it mama!" What a trooper.

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