Sunday, January 09, 2011

O.M.G.... she's 3!
How did this happen? Even though I begged Georgie to stay 2 forever, she went ahead and got a year older anyway. Darn! Just kidding. I'm sure 3 will be just as great as 2 but I wish I could find someway to slow it down a bit. Its just going way too fast for me.

G loves to bounce and jump so a birthday party at the local bounce place was the plan. It must be a pretty popular choice --we went to another bouncer party the week before. G loves to talk about birthday parties and several months back I asked her what kind of a party she wanted to have. She replied "a purple birthday." Um ok. I kind of thought that as time went on she might come up with some character or something but no, "purple birthday" was all she'd ever tell me. So Purple Birthday it was!

The kids bounced, jumped and slid --many of the adults got in on the action too! Lots of fun was had while we celebrated G's completion of year 2 and beginning of year 3. Smile, wipe tear, sniff...

G had fun with all her friends. This is Cora
Mia (who will be a big sister in about 2 weeks!)
G in mid jump!
More friendsMommy decided that there had to be something other than just "purple" so we got a Rapunzel cake. G was super happy :-)
More friends, Ryan and mom Michelle
The whole crew making funny faces
Gracie looks like she's having fun
G wore one of her left over stick on face jewels from Disneyland and chowing down on some pizza
Blowing out the candles... I think I forgot to tell her she's supposed to make a wish...
Wearing the official birthday hat
G became fairly possessive of the throne near the end of the party. I think she started believing she really was royalty!

Happy Birthday baby girl!

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