Saturday, January 29, 2011

Under the Sea
This past weekend, we were back at the El Capitan. This time it was for The Little Mermaid. G loves Ariel and the music of the movie (we have a CD we listen to in the car) but she'd never seen the movie. Its really fun to watch her experience these older movies for the first time. B and C used to watch the video when they were little so I've sort of half seen the movie dozens and dozens of times. But to G it was all new. She laughed, got a little scared and was really happy when the sea witch was finally conquered.

We did the Ariel breakfast before the movie. G donned her mermaid costume which she LOVED! So cute!! Bobby was supposed to go too but ended up having to work at the last minute --total bummer. My mom filled in last minute though so, once again, it was just the Gurlz.

In front of the sign at the H&H center.
This is the Mickey thing in front of the soda shop. Its become somewhat of a tradition for us to snap a pic here each time we go.
Ariel was set up to greet the kids as they came in. She was a really nice Ariel.
After a breakfast of Mickey Mouse waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage G was off to the official meet and greet.
Mommy got into the action. We're all doing our princess hands.
They had Ariel do a quick little intro to the movie on stage... her grotto rose from out of the stage. G was thrilled!

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