Monday, January 31, 2011

The Character Hunters
Georgie loved the characters at WDW and she loves the characters at DL. We actually managed to get a couple disney trips in already and lots and lots of characters! Bobby's been working so much that, except once, its just been me and G. We have lots of fun though.

G waiting for the fairies. It turned out to be a LONG wait but G made herself comfy by taking a seat on a flower.
With Terence. G knew who he was immediately. She loves the Tink movies!

DL is doing these neat events called Family Fun Weekends that include lots of characters and themed music and activities. Great for character hunting. This is Western Pluto --hence the red bandana, I guess :-)
Jessie of course. Interestingly enough, Woody was there too but G said she didn't want to go see him. This was the most energetic character I've ever seen. She danced and jumped around, it was really cute.
A quick stop at the petting zoo. G could stay here all day.
With Clarabelle CowI think Goofy is G's current favorite! Its so funny to see little tiny G standing next to him. He's like 7 feet tall or something!
I loved western Mickey and Minnie together. So fun!
Daisy and Donald of course. I learned something interesting.... Daisy was originally named Donna. The name was changed after several years. Donna just does not sound right...
We ran into Cinderella's Fairy Godmother as we were on our way out.
These were taken the following weekend. The theme was Fan Favorites. Disney brought out a bunch of seldome seen characters for the occasion. We'd never done character autographs before (I always thought they were kind of silly) but the week before G saw another kid getting a siggie and asked me about it. She seemed interested so I bit the bullet and got her a little book (I kind of wanted to avoid it cuz I figure its just one more thing for me to haul around). She LOVED it!!! I do have to haul it around of course but I guess its worth it.
I love this pic in front of the White Rabbit's house. Sadly, moments after this was taken, G trippped over the curb and whacked her little face. I felt terrible. Poor thing.
With Sorcerer Mickey. I guess there are 4 in Mickey's house. We've seen this one and Hollywood. Not sure what the other two are. This is Esmerelda and Frollo from the Hunchback movie. Most of the kids were afraid of Frollo but not G... she actually hugged him. He seemed surprised!
It was so neat to see all the dwarfs (always spelled that way and not dwarves which is weird)
G really likes Pinochio. I guess the next day they had Gepetto too.
With the Peter Pan characters. Capt Hook is one of my fav's but I'm not sure why.The Evil Queen from Snow White. She was soooo into the character. I loved it! She told G to do "the pose" G looks like she's pouting but it still cracks me up!!
With two of the country bears, Liverlips and Shaker. I didn't know their names but they signed G's book.
With Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsefeathers (??) I'm not sure how of if they're supposed to be related in some way.
And finally King Louie and Baloo from Jungle Book. They were really funny and interacted with G a lot!

There were some other characters there too including most of the Alice and Wonderland crew: Alice, Mad Hatter, Red Queen, Tweedle Dee and Dum, White Rabbit. They were all together. Super cute. I didn't take pix but the disney photogs did so I won't get those til later.

Next weekend they're doing Lunar New Year so we'll be back to see what else they come up with!

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Peanut Shell said...

Wow, you guys found an impressive array of characters!