Sunday, October 20, 2013

Legoland Hotel
I realized that the end of summer was coming and we'd hardly done any fun things... what to do? what to do? I'd been thinking about taking G to Legoland for awhile. Everyone I talked to agreed, 5 years old was the premium age for Legoland. And, the Hotel had recently opened. Definitely meant to be.

We decided to do it up right and spent three nights! First day we arrived late, checked in and then wandered the hotel a bit. There's only one word to describe the Legoland Hotel... FUN!!! Seriously, from the moment you drive onto the property, its all about the kid. The rooms are super cute! We decided to go for the standard room to save money. IMO it was a great choice. The room had so many neat features. Georgie loved the bunk bed area. In fact, the only negative thing to say about it was that the bed was as HARD as a freaking ROCK! Honestly, painful. We called housekeeping to see if they had a pad or something but, no.
They had a little treasure hunt where you had to solve clues around the hotel in order to open the treasure box in the room. G did it and was thrilled to find a little lego set!
I know, I know... two pictures of the bathroom! But I loved it. So stinking cute!
I'm pretty sure this was Georgie's favorite part of the hotel. The step on whoopie cushion. It was right outside the elevator entrance on the main floor. G had to jump on it each and every single time we waited for or got off the elevator. It made a gassy noise then said in a gnomish voice "ooooh, you stinky dink"... told ya! All for the kid.
This castle was in the lobby. G spent a lot of time running around it. There are also those big bins of legos for building.
We finally made it to the park and G immediately tried out these little cars. My friends were right; five was the perfect age. G still like the more toddler style rides but was tall enough and interested in riding the other rides in the park. I can't imagine a kid over maybe age 10 being interested in enough of the park to make it worth it.
Some of the attractions at LEGOLAND are actually a bit confusing, like this fire truck thing. Even after Bobby and G "rode" it, I still didn't actually get it.  
LEGOLAND has characters!! Like this cook pirate dude
and this construction guy :-)
I absolutely loved this lego dragon in the lobby.

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