Friday, October 11, 2013

Back to School... almost
Around here, the public school starts the first week of August. Seriously, August? It's hard to imagine. When I was a kid, school didn't start until after labor day. Anywho, even though the public school starts in the middle of the summer, the school we'vechosen for Georgie to attend starts at the traditional time... after Labor Day. The problem is that we both work and pretty much every single summer camp type program shuts down when the public schools start. So, what to do with the kid???
Bobby had, what I thought at the time was, a brilliant idea. Let's send Georgie to the local public school for the first five weeks. Georgie likes school so I figured she'd enjoy it and our neighborhood school is supposed to be the premier public school in our area. As expected, Georgie was very excited about going to kindergarten. I even found her this super cute "Back to School" dress. Fun!

The big day arrived and off we went. Because Georgie had been placed in the afternoon program we arrived a bit early and were sitting in the car watching the morning class out at recess. I won't go into all the ugly details but I can tell you that I did not like what I saw. Georgie didn't either. We decided it just wasn't the place for us. At least not at this point in time. So, I came home and started scrambling on summer care. Fortunately I was able to piece together a plan for about 3 of the five weeks. The rest?? Georgie went to my mom's for a few hours, I used vacation time and stayed home, she went to work with me and we planned a week's vacation out of town. It all worked out just fine. But I must admit it was a bit stressful there for awhile.

Now for the good part! How cute was Georgie in her almost-was-a-kindergartener-at-the-local-school dress?

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