Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just to make things easy, we decided that once we parked at the hotel, we were just going to stay put. This meant eating all meals either at the hotel or in the park. Each day started with breakfast at Bricks. Yum!!

Georgie has never expressed much interest in legos before. We have some at home but she's never cared. But, at the hotel she loved building with them.

Georgie loved wearing this dress. It fit all her requirements: ankle length, sleeveless, twirly skirt! I loved that it looked like legos!
The second day was our first full day. Fortunately, because the park was so empty we'd gotten to do tons of stuff the day before. Day two allowed us to check out some new things and revisit some we'd already enjoyed.
One of the ride attendants made G this crown out of a park map

Just another one of Georgie's many delightful expressions!

Who knew that Legoland would have so many characters? Georgie loved them all... even this guy "M Dude"

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