Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We decided to hit the water park. Again, perfect for Georgie's age! She was tall enough to go on all the slides and they were just the right thrill level for her.
After a fantastic morning at the water park we went back to the room for a nap. Another great thing about staying at the hotel was that we were literally about 100 steps to the park entrance. This made going back and forth super convenient.

Yet another character... knight guy.

Photo op with random and somewhat generic lego princess.
Like I've said before, Georgie really thinks herself an adventurer. We kept walking past this ride called Knight's Tournament and, to tell you the truth, it looked awful. Twisty, turny... yuck! Of course Georgie wanted to do it. I volunteered to photograph ;-) The prep for this ride was pretty intense. Riding required taking off shoes as well as any and all jewelry... I had to remove her pierced earrings!! The ride allows the rider to choose their thrill level from gentle to guaranteed puke. Fortunately, because of Georgie's age, she was limited to gentle. Bobby swore it wasn't that bad. Just thinking about it now makes me feel queasy.

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