Monday, October 07, 2013

Sea World
Brett has moved to San Diego to go to law school :-(

Of course he needed a bit of help getting some of his stuff down there. Bobby and I were happy enough to help but figured that we might as well make a fun weekend out of it and go to Sea World. This required last minute summer reservations. Wow! Just gonna say I've  never paid so much for such a crappy motel in my life. But, for the fun we had it was totally worth it!
Georgie was completely obsessed with ray interaction tank. We spent hours there over the couple days we spent at the park. I didn't mind it too much. I find them interesting also and, as an added benefit, it was shady there!
I think this was one of my favorite spots in the park! Rays are always smiling! Happy little creatures, right??
Georgie loved feeding the seals. In true Georgie style she tried to avoid feeding the more aggressive animals and, instead, sought out the more timid creatures on which to bestow her treasured sardines. That's my girl! Friend of the underdog :-)
No trip to Sea World would be complete without seeing the Shamu show, of course. Georgie desperately wanted to sit in the "splash zone" I guess I was a bummer mom though and I said no... I blamed it on Bobby (don't tell!)
As always, Georgie loves the characters! Shamu was absolutely no exception.
Georgie likes to think of herself as somewhat of a daredevil. As soon as she caught sight of the big drop on the Atlantis ride, she was interested. I put her off a bit but she wouldn't let go of the idea. As it turned out she loved it!!
Haha!!! Is that a look of triumph, or what??
So in what of my lesser parenting moments.... Georgie wanted to have her picture taken in front of the drop. I guess as proof of her bravery :-) So there she stood doing her little poses, having fun. Then all of a sudden, one of the ride cars came down causing a HUGE splash of water to come flying toward us. Did either of us attempt to help the kid avoid getting drenched??? Um, no. We ran screaming away like litte girls and left the actual little girl standing there. She got just a wee bit wet... good sport that she was though,
she thought it was funny!
Once Georgie's confidence was emboldened by her ride on Atlantis, there was nothing she wasn't ready to tackle. This included Riptide Rescue a twisty, turny thing that looked like a sure puke-fest to me :-) She thought it looked like fun. Thankfully, Bobby is more brave and has a higher tolerance for being jostled about than I do. As it turned out they rode it over and over and over again. Bobby assured me it wasn't that bad and tried to get me to try it but, no way, no how. I took pix!!
Twisty turny, twisty turny, twisty turny... honestly, just thinking about it now makes me feel queasy.
This would be Georgie's famous "princess pose". She was giving Bobby lessons on how to do her various poses... I think he pretty much nailed it!!
Lunch with Shamu was lots of fun. The food was better than I expected and it was pretty neat to be so close to the whales. Boy! They are big!!

We were super happy that our friends, the Robinsons, were able to join us for the last day. Georgie is always happy when her besty, Cora, is around.

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