Friday, March 29, 2013

St. Patrick's Day
Georgie's school does St Patty's Day in a super big way. I'm not sure why its such a big deal there, it doesn't seem to be anywhere else, but it is. In the weeks leading up to the green day they talk about leprechauns, read stories about them, they wonder about where they live and what they eat. The kids design and build traps baited with chocolate and then write sentences about what they'd do with the leprechaun if they caught one. Its complex. Then, on the big day, as the kids are enjoying chapel.... wouldn't you know, the leprechauns arrive! They toss over chairs and knock books off of shelves and pull nap mats out of cubbies. Darn those crazy little guys. And, everyone knows it was the leprechauns because they leave tell tale signs: little green footprints on the floor and even a wee green hat :-)

Its very exciting! and loud!! Its hard to describe the commotion caused as the kids run in and out and all about in search of the little fellas.

The cuteness is unbelievable!

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