Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Alf Museum --named after the founder, Raymond Alf, not the TV character --is located on the campus of the The Webb School which is the school my older son went to for high school. Its the only high school in the country with a fully accredited museum on its campus! Pretty neat.

We decided to check out their family day. Cute! They did a short presentation about flying dinos then took the kids around to look at some displays. They had a little craft --decorate a dino hat-- and then we checked out the displays. It was a pleasant little outing. I think we might try to attend these in the future. Georgie's never expressed too much interest in dinosaurs. Maybe this bit of exposure will strike an interest??

Yes, we're dinosaurs :-)

Digging for fossils
I think this is an imprint of an actual dino track

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