Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Norton Simon
We went, primarily, to see the Van Gogh self portrait that was on temporary exhibit. It was the last weekend so it was pretty crowded but still super enjoyable. I think that the Norton Simon is my favorite art museum. Its pretty small but the number of famous works of art in that one building is amazing. Its hard to believe that it all belonged to and was collected by a single man over a 30 yr period. Unbelievable. Walking through the various galleries feels like flipping the pages of my Art History 101 book from college.

They do regular kids programs. Its a pretty nice and low key program. They feature an artist and then have the kids sit on blankets on the floor and look at their works on the wall as they read a short story about them. This time it was Paul Klee. They follow up with a very open-ended art project that falls loosely within the theme. Of course, Georgiana loved this. She was the very first kid to begin working on her project and she was the very last one to finish. In fact, when she stopped, she wasn't actually finished but the program had ended for the day so she had to give back the materials :-)

After that we toured some more of the galleries. G was particularly interested in the religious paintings of the renaissance. She liked the Madonna and Child images and was fascinated by explanation of the of crucifixion and resurrection. It must have been on her mind because she asked me questions over the next day or so about it. Once I assured her that no one gets crucified anymore she seemed fine with it. That's my girl!
 Notice during the story time where G is sitting... could she get any closer???
 Hard at work on her project
She was very proud of the result. I asked her to tell me about it but other than the little square thing being a window I can't remember what she told me :-(  Next time I'll have to write it down more quickly.
Bobby isn't really a lover of art museums. He tolerates them because he knows that I love to go... ahh, what a good guy, right? Anyway, Bobby finally found a painting that he liked: Meleager and Atalanta and the Hunt of the Calydonian Boar. He was intrigued by all the images of the dogs. There really is a lot going on in this painting.
 My walking girl with Rodin's Walking Man... haha!

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