Friday, March 01, 2013

Day 12: Animal Kingdom
We were able to get an early start which is always good. They're testing out some new ticket entry thing and it forced the great majority of people to enter using just a couple turnstiles. I'm usually pretty mellow about such things but it was frustrating to stand there in a hoarde for 20 mins. Bad planning disney. Anyway, we did get in and went straight for the safari ride. One of my WDW fav's for sure. The animals were particularly active that morning which was super fun. The giraffes were particularly active and actually running around like crazy... our driver almost hit one!
We spent the balance of the day doing our normal things: Dinosaur ride, watching G play in the dino playground, visiting with characters, watching the Lion King show. Somewhere between characters and Lion King G started to feel really, really bad. UGH!!! I can deal with being sick and Bobby can deal with being sick but there's no way to enjoy WDW with a sick Georgie. She is a trooper so we kind of dragged her around. She slept through dinner :-(  Poor baby.

Georgie could spend hours playing in the dino play area. She has so much fun there. It was a good day for it too; cool. You can see the blood blister on the palm of her left hand in this photo, that's where she got pinched by the stroller a couple days before.
Pocahantas really liked Georgie's dress. They had quite a conversation about whether or not John Smith was going to bring one back for her from London. I assured her that he told me that he would. That made her very happy. She then spent a minute or two talking about clothing and other gifts that Smith would bring for her. It was entertaining but I'm not sure true to character??? whatever, G liked it!

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