Saturday, March 02, 2013

Day 13: Magic Kingdom
We were supposed to have started our day with a pre park opening reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table. Unfortunately, because Georgie was feeling so crappy the night before, we canceled. This turned out to be a good decision. Georgie slept a little late and, again, we took it very slowly. We got to MK late morning and wandered a bit. Mostly we visited with the characters, rode Dumbo, etc. Easy and low key stuff.

The characters at Silly Pete's Sideshow Circus are really cute!
I cannot put into words how excited Georgie was to meet Ariel in her mermaid tail! Seriously my kid is mermaid cuckoo crazy.
I think we've now experienced the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction more times than anyone else on the planet. G really likes it... I do too. G likes to be the horse.
 The line for the Haunted Mansion is almost as good as the ride itself.
Gaston is my favorite bad guy.

As the day progressed G started feeling a little better although she wanted us to carry her pretty much everywhere. I was really hoping she'd pep up in time for dinner at the new Be Our Guest (BOG) restaurant. Over six months earlier I'd spent over two hours on the phone to get a reservation. I really hoped we wouldn't have to miss it.

The restaurant decor is amazing! We walked over the bridge and I really got the impression of entering the Beast's castle.
 Even the napkins are folded into a rose.
Bobby had the pork which he said was only ok but I had the steak... amazing!!! There's a reason for that of course. See that is a big blob of garlic butter on top of the steak? Mmmmmm. The pommes frites were also fantastic. So good.
 G only had eyes for the dessert cart :-)
Anyone who goes to BOG has to venture into the West Wing. Its dark and ominous... so fun! G was fascinated by the rose. Hard to photograph but very cool.

The ballroom is the main dining room
The strawberry cupcake was unbelievable!

After dinner we walked by ETWB again. There was hardly any wait and G wanted to do it again so off we went! Just like always, they chose a cute little boy to be the Beast. But, just before it was time for him to go up and play his part, he chickened out. With only seconds to spare the CM grabbed the Beast cape off the little boy and wrapped it over the shoulders of the nearest responsible dad who happened to be Bobby! He played the part of Beast with a little more enthusiasm than I think Belle normally sees.... I wish there was video to record the "ROAR" that came out of Bobby's mouth. LOL!!
Georgie wanted Mama to play a part too. The Wardrobe seemed like a good choice... I'm am good at buying clothes :-)
 The dance... ahhhh

Another good but exhausting day.

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