Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 11: Happy Birthday Bobby!!!
I love Epcot. I really do. I just don't understand people who say its boring... there's soooo much to do! We started out with a pre-park opening breakfast at Akershus for the princess meal. G loves the princesses and I really like the food. Bobby was still not feeling great but by this point my tummy was pretty happy and I was able to eat. G always wears a princess dress for these things and this time she chose to be Mulan. I loved the dress and the awesome thing is that its made out of recycled bed sheets and things so its soft and comfy... no itch.

After that we wandered around future world, rode Test Track as many time as we could and then hit the world showcase. No trip to Epcot would be complete without seeing the movie in China at least once. Georgie really enjoys it. I like it too, I just wish they had chairs.

Dinner was at Biergarten in the Germany pavillion. I'd read about it a lot and we'd never been so I was interested in giving it a try. Plus I thought it would be a nice adult oriented choice for Bobby's birthday dinner. BTDT. I was not impressed at all. First, you sit family style with strangers... so not my thing. Second, the food--other than the beer cheese soup and pretzel bread--is not very good at all. I guess some people go for the beer but we don't drink so that's not a draw for us. Third, the entertainment which is traditional German music, is just ok. G liked it well enough and had a good time out on the dance floor shaking her booty and doing her version of ballet with the other kids but for $35-40 pp we will not be looking to repeat the experience.

By that point, it was getting late. We had just enough time to stop by Karamell Kuche snack shop and pick up a Oatmeal Caramel Apple cookie. OMG, I'm not normally a big fan of anything with caramel in it but wow!! Let's just say that its so good that I don't even mind paying $5 per cookie :-)

They were advertising "Limited Time Magic" while we were there. Its special things that only last a week or two. The promotion that week was Winter in Canada or some such thing. WDW advertised that there would be "snow" and special characters. As you can see the characters were cute dressed in their winter wear but the "snow" was a complete joke. Every once in awhile you'd see a fluff of it drifting through the air. The week after we left was Long Lost Friends where they had very uncommon characters available for photos... would have loved to catch that one.
 Georgie always enjoys her interactions with Mulan!
So Test Track was definitely Georgie's ride of choice this trip. Kind of surprising because it is really fast but she just loved it!! I think she would have ridden it over and over again if the wait wasn't so long. How funny is our white trash ride photo (you know, snapped a pic of the pic with my cell phone :-)
 I think this pic represents pretty well how Georgie felt about Test Track!

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