Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 9: A day of Ughs
I just have to say it was the smoothest disembarkation I've ever experienced. Disney has you attend breakfast in the restaurant you ate in the night before. When its your turn you just walk off the ship. Luggage? Very organized... took all of 30 secs to locate all of our bags that were grouped together. Wow is all I have to say. Just wow!

We'd arranged for the same car pick up to return us to the airport so we could get our rental car. Weren't we surprised to find that the rental company was no longer located in the airport? Ugh.

Ok, after a bit of effort and an hour or so we finally got that figured out. This is when I first started calling the condo rental company to see if we could do early check in. No luck but no worries. We decided to head to MK for the day.

We got there no problem, got out of the car and were waiting for the tram when Georgie puked. Ugh. Thing is, she didn't really seem sick. I think it was all the jostling around we'd done in the last couple hours. I kept calling the condo rental place about early check in but couldn't get ahold of anyone. We were kind of stranded so we figured we'd just go into MK. I actually had a pretty big day planned for us: Chef Mickey's for dinner and then the Pirate and Pals Fireworks cruise. My fingers could not have been crossed any harder that it would work out.

As it turned out, my little trooper rallied and we ended up having a really nice day! We spent a few hours at MK then headed over to the Contemporary. Chef Mickey's was pretty much what we remembered. The only funny part was that we got kind of dissed by Donald Duck. He came over and G hugged on him like she always does and then he took off. We kind of called him back so we could snap a pick and he threw up his little plush arms in protest. It was at the same time annoying and amusing... grumpy little duck :-)
After that we were off to the Pirate Pals cruise experience. We started out in a party room with pirates hosts, pirate music, pirate decorations and snacks galore! Of course, we weren't at all hungry... we'd just finished dinner. Georgie did manage to choke down a few desserts LOL! After that we went out onto the boat for the cruise. It was silly and fun! Our pirate host did Disney trivia and then we watched the fireworks. It was nice watching them over the water with the music piped in. We returned to find Peter Pan waiting for us.

By that time we were all pretty exhausted so we made our way to the condo. We arrived, punched the code into the lock box and, guess what??? the door didn't open!! Super UGH!!! We tried it over and over again. We made sure we had the right condo repeatedly. I got out the paperwork to call the emergency number and got a voice mail. I then spent the next 30 mins or so trying every imaginable number I could while G laid on top of what looked like a bench but turned out to be the lid to a fancy trash can wrapped in her blanket. To say it was grim would be putting it mildly. At that point I'd had enough and went to the car with G to call the 24 hour emergency number a few more times and to figure out what hotel we'd be staying in. All of a sudden Bobby waved to me to bring G in. Miraculously while punching in random numbers he happened upon the right 4 numbers and the door opened! Thank goodness. I don't think I've ever been so relieved.

Finally an anti-ugh... yay for us!!!  ;-)

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