Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 10: Disney Hollywood Studios
By the time we woke up Bobby was pretty sick... the ughs continue... so much so that we weren't even sure we were going to go to the parks that day. By late morning Bobby had decided to "just say no to sickness" and give it a try so off to Disney Hollywood Studios (DHS) we went. We took it very slowly and managed to eek out some fun.

At some point Georgie got it into her head that she wanted to ride Tower of Terror (ToT). Ummm, ok. Of course, we have this ride at home, at Calif Adventure, and she's never expressed even the slightest interest. But, at WDW when you drive onto the property they have this big replica type thing of it that moves. G always asks about it. I tried to talk her out of it. I told her it was going to probably be scary and I wasn't sure she would like it but she could not be dissuaded. I had about zero interest in riding ToT but because G really, really wanted to and Bobby wasn't feeling up to being jostled about, I gave in and said ok.

Luckily there was no wait. First they let you into a dark creepy room and show you some kind of Twilight Zone video. G has absolutely no fear of Haunted Mansion but she didn't like being in that room at all. She looked up at me with super sad eyes.... she was scared. I told her "no problem" we'll just go... the relief on her face was immediate. On ToT, chickening out requires going downstairs in a regular elevator. When we got to the bottom the castmember (all of whom dress in bellhop oufits because ToT is supposed to be a hotel) asked G if she would help them. G looked a bit apprehensive but said ok. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. The guy disappeared and returned with a child sized bellhop uniform complete with jacket and hat! After she put it on they explained how to direct the ride visitors off the ride when the elevator door opened using the Disney wave: two hands to the side, pointing with two fingers (index and middle). G was very excited to be part of the show!

One of the things we normally enjoy doing at DHS is seeing the Beauty and the Beast (BatB) show. Unfortunately it wasn't playing because they were re-doing the stage or something. Bummer. We were walking past the entry to the stage area on our way to someplace else and I noticed a line of people that led back and out of sight. Hmmmm. I've been to WDW enough times to know that when I see a random line that appears to be for nothing, I need to go investigate. Ta duh!!! The BatB gang were doing photos...not Beauty and Beast but the enchanted friends Lumiere, Chip and Cogsworth!!! Oh my gosh! So fun! Truly a character hunters score. So much so that I posted a question on facebook to a guy who has a very popular character hunting website, Kenny the Pirate, to see what was up. He did a blog post about it featuring our pic. You can see it here

We've never seen Fantasmic at home but wanted to make sure we saw the WDW version. Eh, I don't know. It was good I guess but nothing to get overly excited about. After that it was time to head back to the condo. G was tired so she rode in the stroller... oh yeah, the stroller. We don't use one for G normally but at WDW its a must. The condo that we rented was supposed to supply a stroller so we opted not to bring our own. Mistake... yes they had a "stroller" but I'm pretty sure they bought it in the toy section at walmart for $9.95. It was a complete joke. But, because the rental ones suck and we didn't feel up to going and buy one we decided to use it to at least drag our stuff around. OK. Long story I know but it all leads up to G being exhausted at the end of Fantasmic; she sat down in the stroller and got her hand pinched in the hinge. UGH!!! It was bad, really bad. G is not a drama queen at all but she screamed and screamed and screamed for about 20 mins. It was so bad we went to First Aid. I felt so bad and I was so mad about that crappy stroller!

G as Junior Cast Member... the cuteness is almost unbearable :-)  Thank goodness I had my camera with me.
 Waiting for the elevator to open
 A real castmember demonstrating the "Disney point"
I know for people who don't care about the characters this photo means absolutely nothing. But, take it from me, for character hunters this is an unbelievable score! The only thing that would have made it better is if I would have had G's Belle dress handy ;-)
Overall, even with all the ughs, it was a pretty good day. But, it was very tiring.

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