Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 7: Sea day
Another slow day. Georgie went to the kid's club for awhile and then we wandered, sat on the balcony, etc. They were having a dance party in the lobby area that sounded kind of fun. G seemed to have a good time but it was pretty crazy. It kind of reminded me of the Mickey Backyard BBQ we did in September only with many fewer people which made it tolerable.
Obviously, this is a horrible picture but it still cracks me up. Bobby's enthusiasm is contrived, Georgie's is not at all :-)
With Remy from Ratatouille. These guys rank right up there with Country Bears on the creepiness scale but, as usual, G thought the were fantastic and hugged and hugged them!
And Emile
Georgiana loves, loves, loves her daddy... feeling's totally mutual
I love the little purple dress G wore that night and words cannot express how incredibly excited she was to wear those little heels. I think its obvious from this picture that G felt very special that night. Yes, she looks like a diva but I can assure you she has the heart of an angel.

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