Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 6: Cozumel
We'd been to Cozumel several times and had planned that we'd stay on the ship that day. I still felt a little crappy so laying by the pool and moving as little as possible sounded pretty good. G took the opportunity to drag Bobby on the Aquaduck over and over and over and over again. I think they did it about 25 times. G was in heaven!

We made sure to get a nap in hopes that we could enjoy Pirate Night! G was really looking forward to the evening. I'm not exactly sure what she expected but she was definitely up for some fun.

I think by this point I was finally able to eat a bit of dinner... it was an exciting couple of bites ;-) After that we wandered a bit then hit the Pirate Party. It was fun but super crowded so we decided to watch from a distance and grab a spot for the fireworks. From what I understand Disney is the only cruise line to do fireworks at sea. It really is neat. G loves fireworks so she really enjoyed herself.

 Georgie was excited to see what had become her favorite character out again on Pirate Night!

 I'm not really getting "pirate" from Donald's get up but, whatever.
Pirate Mickey was probably my favorite of the evening. Super cute costume. Georgie was in heaven wearing her own pirate costume again. Participation on the ship was pretty great! I'd estimate that about 75% of the passengers dressed up in some way and many went ALL out with some some amazing costuming. It made for a fun, party type atmosphere.
Really fun night!

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