Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa again??
Is it me or is Santa every freaking where this year? G's preschool did their Santa visit fundraiser again this year giving G yet another opportunity to interview the big, red man. This time G asked what kind of cookies he liked, "Oreos", who was his favorite reindeer, "Rudolph, of course" and finally how many elves are there, "lots".

With all our visits I've been given significant opportunity to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each Santa. I've become quite the "Santa connoisseur" so to say. This one looked great but had zero personality. Some others have been personable but not necessarily visually convincing :-) The funny thing is, G doesn't seem to notice that all the Santas look different or are different people. She just sees Santa... adorable!

There has been no diversion from her wish list: violin, "Spring" doll from the Pottery Barn catalog, and a globe. I have absolutely no idea where the violin thing came from. We don't have one in the house and I don't think she even knows anyone who plays or owns one. I asked her about it but she wasn't able to verbalize the root of this desire. The globe I get. We talk a lot about other countries and other states but in her mind she hasn't sorted out what those terms mean (not shocking I know, she's only 4!). I keep telling her I'll show her on a map or a globe but I never do... slacker mama.

I keep expecting that G will catch on to the Santa thing. She knows that all characters at Disney, etc are fake. You'd think she'd be suspect of anyone in a costume but, no, nothing yet. Four is a beautiful age for fantasy, magic and wonder.

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